DiRT 3 Achievements

Air Miles (15)
You have won a race in every location
Assistance is Futile (20)
You won a race without the use of any Driver Assists
Battered Battersea (50)
You completed 100% of the Battersea Compound Missions
Burnt Rubber (30)
You completed 75% of the Battersea Compound Missions
California Dreams (20)
You earned yourself a podium finish at the X Games Tournament
Call me Ace! (15)
You have completed a sensational performance in a Gymkhana Championship event
Can't Touch This! (10)
You have survived a round of Outbreak without being infected (Pro Tour & Jam Session)
Cheeze It! (10)
You evaded the cats, won the game and earned the fans
Cool Running (10)
You have beaten the bobsleigh in the DC Bobsleigh Challenge
Crash Proof (10)
You used a flashback to take you to victory after facing defeat.
DC Challenger (30)
You have completed all of the DC Challenges
DC Gold (10)
You earned all gold medals in the DC Challenges
DC Silver (10)
You earned all silver medals in the DC Challenges
Donut Addict (20)
You completed 50% of the Battersea Compound Missions
Driven (20)
You have won DiRT Tour races using vehicles from every discipline
Driving School (10)
You completed all of the Gymkhana tutorials
Eat my DiRT! (50)
You have unlocked Driver Rep level 30
Flag Stealer (10)
You stole the flag from the opposing team 5 times in a game of Transporter (Pro Tour)
From DiRT to Glory (50)
You have achieved first place finishes in all DiRT Tour Events
Gym-Carnage (20)
You scored 500,000 points in a Gymkhana Event
Gymkhana Aficionado (30)
You completed all Gymkhana Championships in the DiRT Tour
Honorable Driver (10)
You competed via Xbox LIVE and earned a 'Cautious' rating
Hooning Around (10)
You completed 25% of the Battersea Compound Missions
Into the DiRT (10)
You have completed your first DiRT Tour race
Join the Party (20)
You won a game in every party mode
Kick Off the Training Wheels! (20)
You have achieved a podium finish in the Gymkhana Academy
King of the Road (10)
You have won an Xbox LIVE race in hardcore mode
No-bot Wars (20)
You smashed every robot in a Smash Attack DC Challenge
Pace Setter (15)
You have completed time trials using cars from each class of Rally
Perfect Sprint (20)
You gave a flawless performance in a Gymkhana Sprint DC Challenge
Platinum Performance (20)
You earned all platinum medals in the DC Challenges
Rally Evolution (10)
You have experienced key vehicles from Rally history and triumphed
Reputation Boost (10)
You have completed 5 bonus Race Objectives
Rising Talent (10)
You have unlocked Driver Rep level 10
Road Trip (10)
You shared the experience of the Battersea Compound with your friends
Self Preservation Society (10)
You won a race using the Mini Cooper without receiving any damage
Shake and Bake (30)
You have unlocked Driver Rep level 20
Showcase Drifter (20)
You have drifted past 25,000 points in a Drift Showcase DC Challenge
Steer Hunter (10)
You have completed a game of Invasion without any negative points (Pro Tour)
Sub Zero Hero (20)
You earned yourself a podium finish Winter X Games Tournament
Super Star (30)
You earned yourself enough fans to be considered a 'Superstar'
SuperSeries Champion (100)
You won the DC SuperSeries Championship
Taking the Trophy (20)
You have won 10 Xbox LIVE games
Teacher's Pet (20)
You earned a platinum medal in each one of the Gymkhana tutorials
The Extra Mile (20)
You have completed 25 bonus Race Objectives
The Professional (10)
You completed your first Xbox LIVE Pro Tour Race
The Real Thing (10)
You have experienced the thrill of Rally first hand and beat your competitors
The Road Ahead (15)
You have completed 25 Xbox LIVE games
Today's Forecast is...Victory! (20)
You have earned victories in all weather conditions
World Renowned (20)
You have achieved first place finishes and passed the DC Challenge in a World Tour event