Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Horizon: Sanctuary		0033

Up ahead a few phantoms and a sniper will be on you, so move between cover and
to the right will be a safe spot and salvage. Kill the sniper from range and
go through the door. There is gel to the right, and in the middle of the area
are a few logs on the desks, so check all and the one on the left. Head down
the steps at the back and to the left by the car are two logs. And in the next
room are a few live troops. Enter the hallway and on the console you could hear
from a familiar person (unless dead), and grab the salvage nearby. 

*NOTE: There are barrier generators in most fights, but in most cases you can
just kill the enemies through the barriers.*

Use the water pump and follow the path to find salvage and an armor piece. In
the control room just use the middle computer. In the next room there is a pda
and in the corner you can use another terminal. Through the next door a pack
of husks will be waiting for you. Listen to the two logs before going out to
the middle corridor where a banshee and friends are waiting. Fall back into
the room and let them come to you, and when you clear the big targets you can
take out the marauders who spawn on a walkway to the left. Further up will be
a room with two more logs and a creepy banshee looking at you through the

Use the terminal in the next room and then grab the pda and salvage nearby.
Next will be two paths where most of the enemies will be down the right side
but some will slip through the left way, so watch your flank. Clear them out
and grab the gun down the right path, a log on the left, a terminal in the
left corner, a pda nearby, and then up the ladder.

Move up to the top level and start picking off targets, but you may want to
start with the barrier generators on the ceiling. Pick off closest targets
first and advance until clear. Nothing is in this area, but there is salvage
and logs in the next. Hop the gap, shoot off the cover on the tram, and use
the control. Hop over and in the next area you will have two brutes incoming,
a third after, and a banshee. Fall back to either corner to survive the
banshee, and kill the brutes with haste. Remember you can run all the way
around the area to avoid the banshee. There is a gel, salvage, and use the
model pod to open a pod in the room for a new gun. Take the elevator up and
try to resolve the situation with a rep option.

The Normandy Part 16

You should make a complete round of the ship. EDI should give you her bonus
power after a talk, and decoy can be fun, though I find the mine too useful to
drop. Tali should have a most interesting chat in the lounge, and Javik too
who should give you his second bonus power. Feel free to upgrade your new guns.