Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Ontarom: Communication Hub		0032

*NOTE: Find the codes after the first wave. They are on a terminal on the left
and are for a minor quest.*

You'll start under fire, so cut your way up the right side, kill the turret,
and mop up any troops remaining. No need to explore the area as you will cover
it all. Just use the controls and then come out to the ground level where many
enemies will appear, or if you want to avoid them as long as possible you can
go up through the building path but you will face them all eventually. If you
go to the ground you can grab some salvage to the right on a support column,
and once you clear the ground you can go back and through the building to clear
any hiding enemies. There will be salvage on the right side of the map, and
more by the hacking point. You will then make a final push to the building
which is guarded by some heavy troops, so be careful and ready for close
quarters combat. An achievement should pop saying you finished all N7 missions
if this is your first game.


On the Normandy you can make another round for minor chats, though at my
progress I only got something from Cortez about the last mission and it wasn't
exactly worth it. So feel free to see EDI and just go to the Shadow Sea.