Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Thessia: The Temple of Athame		0031

Set a course for the Athena Nebula and land on Thessia. Grab the armor piece
on the ground (check for more as you don't get a chance when you get on the
turret), and then go speak to Kurin. Get on the turret and mow down the brutes.
But you should keep an eye on the barrier as husks appear near it throughout.
You would have time to just kill the brutes and still mow down the husks, but
however you want to juggle them is your call.

Down the bridge will be some cannibals and a marauder, so blast them and move
on. In the courtyard you have a long fight to the other side, so stick to the
left and move up slowly. When you get to the end a banshee will appear after
some pop out of a hole in the wall. When she appears just get your team and
retreat a bit while blasting powers on her. 

Follow the path to the courtyard where snipers will help you kill the three
enemies, and up on their perch is a mod and new weapon. Take cover and blast
the waves of incoming before heading out through the opening to the outpost.
After the scene stay behind cover and just focus fire on the banshee and hope
the marauders die by other means. Hopefully the banshee stalls in a semi-glitch
if you stay still, otherwise you'll need to make her eat powers before she
closes in on your position. Once she is down you can let the chopper kill the
ravager ahead.

Up the path will be a mod when you reach the balcony and a few waves of husks.
At the end when the harvesters appear you should fall back and hope your
teammates get to cover quickly. I'm not sure if the chopper being shot down
and for some reason that makes the harvesters go away is scripted or if you
can somehow kill them to save the chopper. I just saw constant barrages shot
at me and could not move so it may be a case where your squad powers will have
to do quick and heavy damage. I say just focus on the smaller enemies first and
hope for the best. After the harvesters go away there is a mod before you
reach the temple barrier.

Inside you can look at everything but the statue up the middle to learn about
asari history. Go to the statue to roll the scene, then go revisit each of the
objects until you have four link to the statue. When you begin the fight just
pour everything into him, and when he retreats to recharge you will be stunned.
From then on you just repeat until he ends the fight.

The Normandy Part 15

Funny how you are given credits for failure... Read your troll email and make
your usual rounds. A nice talk with Garrus should give you his bonus power of
proximity mines, and at 800 max damage it seems like a no-brainer but it's your
call (remember, only one bonus power and it's in the med bay). You may want to
go see Javik (if he's here) first and then come back up to see Liara so you
can hear Tali speak twice. Speaking with Liara should give you her bonus power
which is stasis and not too good in my opinion.

Traynor gave you a side mission, which is in the Kepler Verge near the main
mission, so let's go there first.