Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Cyone: Fuel Reactors		0030

*NOTE: Bring someone who will help against a brute.*

Land on Cyone in the Kypladon system in the Silean Nebula. To the left of start
is an armor piece, and up to the left is a note, but don't go into the gas in
the area below. Go meet Riley and the path will open. Go up and to the right
to the crane control. Open it and move it to the right, use the middle control,
move it left, use the middle control, and then send it to the right to move
the blocks.

Use the vent and then go to the fuel rod control and grab the pda before
activating the fuel rods. Go back up the ramp as husks and a marauder appear
from the start of the level. Wipe them out and then go hit the two seals down
the way; there is a pda at the very end. Use the control after and then you
can send an ally to help with the other team, but that leaves you with one to
face a brute and two marauders. Whether you send someone or not, put your team
as far back as you can and you get to some other far away point. Focus fire on
the brute first and hope the collateral damage hits the marauders. Turn on the
reactor after and return to start where your other ally saved the other team
from total death.


The Normandy is mostly devoid of interesting things, and Tali didn't have
anything to say either. If you've been lazy before then now would be a time to
make the rounds of the ship to catch up with the dialogue.