Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

The Citadel Part 6		0029

Go to the Presidium. If Miranda emailed you you will find her in the
apartments. Don't forget to hit up all the shops. The Sellea guy by the C-Sec
office should take a minor quest item you picked up a while back. Tali will be
near the office too. 

Hit up Huerta if Jacob is there, and may as well buy some of those medi-gel
upgrades at the shop there if you have nothing better to buy. Then it's off to
Purgatory where only Cortez will have anything new to say. At the embassy
level you will find an elcor ambassador who gives you a mission. Javik would
be on the opposite side, and you can quick rep-edit his speech. Then go see
the counselor in the offices. Also be sure to hit your Spectre terminals to
buy what should be three upgrade options and anything else. And that should be
all to see this time around, unless you want to visit the batarian shop in the
holding docks.

*NOTE: The map said there was an asari at the embassies, but I couldn't see one
that talked, so perhaps it is a glitch one way or the other.*

We have a few options, and on the galaxy map there should be one more blinking
place in the Silean Nebula.