Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Rannoch: Reaper Base		0028

Tali is coming, so bring another anti-tech player. You start out under fire,
so fight out of the corner and move down the slope, popping all your anti-tech
powers against the 16 or so geth. In the very corner by the wall will be a mod.
Go up the pipes on the side and climb up to meet a waiting geth, and then more
further back. There is another mod and when you climb up the ladder you may
need to quickly dispatch another waiting enemy. Hop up to the higher area and
the pro thing to do is find the ladder on the left, go up, and either shoot
the rocket geth from above or drop down for a close quarters flank.

Grab the salvage through the door, and outside there is a mod to the left after
you kill the lone geth. Then start cutting your way down the path as there are
just mounds of geth coming at you. When you get to the tunnel watch the left
for a rocket platform. There will be a new gun, salvage, and more salvage at
the end.

*NOTE: The geth shotgun can be charged up, but it's more like a rifle as you
can't really move around well with it. It's powerful and worth trying in my
opinion, especially if you have a backup sidearm.*

At the next area you'll run into resistance down the middle path, so clear it
and just know that there is a gel opposite the console if you need it. When
you use the first console you will spawn enemies down the left path, so hit
them hard. Use the second console and the elevator will come down bearing a
prime. Hit him hard and hopefully his minions won't cause trouble. Up the
elevator you will run into three primes and a weaker geth. Grab the spitfire
and burn down one of the primes, then another with the same gun. There are
spitfires to the left and right where two of the primes came from, so move
around to get one to finish off the last prime. The drones can get annoying,
so pop those when you see them. After the fight just run up to the platform.

When you fall just run to the hovercraft. You don't actually do anything on
the turret, so feel free to fire as you wish. After the stop you are tasked
with painting the red spot 4 times. The first one is not too hard as you can
just avoid the first beam and then target. The key is that the focusing of
your orbital strike will maintain progress, so after the first hit you will
have to run back and forth to dodge the reaper beams and then resume focusing
your beam. It gets quicker in the last two strikes, so you'll have to wait for
the reaper to swing by you and then fire, and you will see the indicators of
when you can focus; so if you can't target then you can't target and should be
running around. Also, staying to the back helps ever so slightly. Finally,
after four hits it will be right on top of you so you just look up and aim for
one final hit.

In the scene you will decide the fate of the Geth War. Will you kill the Geth;
save the Quarians; or try to save both? You will need high rep to have the rep
options appear, but I will let you know that you would want to start by giving
your geth pal the okay to upload, and then you can have the quarians back off
and you will have two armies join the reaper war. 

The flip side is you can pick geth and watch a pretty decent cutscene, or you
could spare both and watch the freaking cutscene on youtube without having to
log days of your life on three plus games of Mass Effect only to watch an utter
failure on your part. Even if you're a full renegade there is no reason not to
try and save both sides.

The Normandy Part 14

Hackett will have a few things to say if you know what to ask, and if you
haven't been a complete failure you will have a ship stacked with people to
meet from top to bottom, and then back in your cabin. Check your emails, make
sure you call Allers up to your cabin, and then head back to the Citadel.