Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Rannoch: Geth Comm Hub		0027

It matters not who you bring. You will see why. Just follow the path as it
forms and shoot the orange in your way. At the third stop you need to blast
the side orange areas and "eat" away the blockage. 

In the second zone you will run into a dead end. You will need to turn around
and clear the big solid block of orange. The orange will pop up in new spots
as you take it out, so just find the orange on the big block until it goes
away. Click the view button to roll the footage. Move up to the next solid
block to clear it like the first. Watch the scene, go up for another, and head
to the next zone.

In the third zone the first blockage will regenerate, so look up and hit that
spot before completely blasting away the part blocking you. At the first block
you will need to look to the left side for the weak points, and for the
remaining orange parts you'll need to hit two weak points. The next data block
will be the same as the last. View the final vision and head back to reality.


On the Normandy you have an email and feel free to make the usual rounds.
Javik and James should be yucking it up in the mess hall, and at Liara's
terminal you should have two upgrades from the geth consensus. I went with the
power bonuses, but it's your call. Then head back to the final Rannoch mission.