Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Rannoch: Save the Admiral		0026

*NOTE: It will be dark and there are some mines in your path, so be ready to
roll away if you hear a high-pitched buzz.*

You are free to take anyone, but it's still geth you are fighting so Tali is a
good choice - plus, you never know if she will stay with you... As the mission
starts you will climb up the path to run into a few geth. Examine the corpse
and watch for the mine in front of the new gun up ahead. You have to go all
the way to the end of the path to get down, or a biotic charge to reach the
next group. More will show up, so kill the ones with rockets first. 

Further up will be the first AA gun, and it is heavily defended. You have to
focus fire on the white units who usually have the rocket launchers, and hope
your team or their powers will catch the weaker geth as well. Don't rush up
because more will appear from the right side by the gun. After the fight just
grab the Geth Spitfire, the salvage, and send your weakest ally to disable the
gun. You and the other will have to fend off a small group led by a prime unit.
Wipe them out, your other ally will rejoin, and finish off the hunters. 

Up the path will be a mod and gel on the left, there is another mod ahead,
some salvage, and a dying quarian. Grab the mod up the path. Go left for no
real reason. As you begin to take fire you can either flank from the left or
right. Right seems like the best answer since you won't have to climb a ladder.
Clear them out from behind, send someone to the console, and get on the gun to
mow down the incoming geth with ease. 

A pyro and friend will emerge from the door to the third gun, and when you
head for the console a small group will appear. One more time you need to
split up and man a turret. This time it will be pyros and a prime with a few
weaklings. With the turret in the middle you will just have to target what you
can see and go from there. 

The mission will conclude with you either saving the admiral or his people. I
think you need to save Koris, but it's up to you. You'll be on a gun fighting
off the geth at the front, and then at the back.

The Normandy Part 13

The war room won't be too chatty, and feel free to make the usual rounds for
minor talks with everyone.

Javik should be in a spat with EDI in the AI core. 

Read an email and head down to do the following mission which can only be done