Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Perseus Veil: Dread Not the Dreadnought		0025

In the adjacent cluster will be the Tikkun system with the reaper ship. You're
bringing Tali (if alive) and anyone else (I say Garrus, if alive, lol). Be
sure to upgrade Tali's final talent and her combat drone, as well as her
sabotage ability. But the mission starts with you walking. Just find the solid
surfaces and twist and turn your way to the other side. When inside go left for
a mod and head straight to the ladder. Hop the gap and through the doors you
can go left for some creds. Go up the ladder to use the controls. 

Grab the pistol and just know it's strong against shields and armor if you
want to equip it. Look the the computer, grab the mod, and use the bridge
controls ahead to get in a fight. Clear the first few and move up so you can
flank or them from the left. Drop down the ladder for another fight and when
you move up watch out for the hard-to-see trip mines on the floor. Grab the
date at the end and head out through the door.

In the next few rooms are some consoles and two items including a geth rifle.
In the control room you will run into hunters, geth that can stealth. Hit them
hard, watch for cloaks, and careful for a few mines around the room. Grab the
mod and salvage before you use the main computer. Many more hunters and geth
will pour into the room, so burn down the visible targets as the hunters move
in; use Garrus' mines if you got em.

*NOTE: Your squad is immune to the cannon fire.*

Make your way to the cannon. You don't have a ton of time between blasts, but
you do want to quickly move up to the point where you can go right and through
a side area so you don't have to worry about the cannon, and in hindsight I
recall ladders to the left which may have led to items if you want to check
after the fighting. You'll have plenty of hunters and a few geth with missile
launchers, so burn them first and the hunters second if you can help it. When
clear, move up and use the console between blasts and more through the tube

Move up between blasts and cut your way up the middle as the right side path
is hard to move up. Not too many to destroy and at the end you will go up to
the right side area for the door. There is some salvage around the lift and
then use it. Be ready to run to safety. At the top you should save your old
friend if it is there. Take the lift up and just use the controls. 

Now begins a long fight as you move around to reach the ladder. In your way
are a few hunters but most notable are the prime units which are very strong
and will require a lot of firepower to down. Best to clear the minions first.
You will fight one halfway and one at the end. As always, keep your distance
and keep your team close. Drop down the ladder and then follow the doors out.
There is always a path, so just keep ahead.

The Normandy Part 12

*NOTE: Of course if Legion and Tali did not make it from ME2 then you will
have dealt with generic characters and those two or one won't be here.*

Attend to the distress call so it shuts up. Legion is in the war room and has
much to say, then go see Tali, and Raan has a bit to say too if you care. You
may have a few emails, and EDI and Joker have a few things to say. Garrus has
a good chat for you and Liara and Joker should be having an small argument.
James should finally be ready for a long talk. Javik will have quite a bit to
say about the geth.

Tali should have asked you to meet in your cabin, so do that to unlock her
bonus power. Then land on Rannoch