Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Eden Prime: Prothean Artifact		0023

*NOTE: Must have the Prothean DLC or have the code that came with a special
edition version of the game.*

Set a course for the Exodus Cluster and land on Eden Prime in the Utopia
system. Remember, Liara is an archeology buff, and I say bring EDI. Head down
into the camp and go right to loot the shack. Use the elevator and you will be
thrown into a fight after. The nemesis at the back are top priority. Go up and
make your way to the right where a group of engineers will be waiting. Clear
it out and go in to view the first video. 

When you go out you can take the right side path through a living area to
reach the third fight, and feel free to take the ladder to the roof for the
high ground. When clear head into the final shack for a computer. When you
come out there will be a pack of troops waiting, so clear and be sure to loot
each shack as you make your way back down the right side path. However, you
will be somewhat stuck if you do, so it may be wiser to go back through the
middle path and after the fight you can investigate the other shacks you
missed. The fight will have engineers, guardians, and turrets, so focus on a
type of enemy one at a time. 

Drop down where the bridge was and go left to climb up and get across. The
enemies will land where you came from at the start, so you can just defend
from the pod. The fight will be at an end when they come through the buildings.
As you have time before the second wave, run into the buildings as an atlas
will drop next to the pod and troops will drop in the open area; meaning the
buildings are the only safe places. Another batch will drop further down the
path you started from, so the buildings won't be completely safe either. Just
burn the mech down quick and keep your allies with you.

Go to the pod after and you will begin a long set of scenes and chats. At the
end of it you will have a new rifle and bonus power. 


Since this was DLC content and the regular players have no need for this, we
will just make the rounds of the Normandy ourselves. Feel free to upgrade that
new rifle, and FYI you can only have one bonus power. Liara and Garrus have
the most to say in passing, as will the people on deck 2. You will also get a
new email from the new guy.

*NOTE: It's very worth it to upgrade and have someone use that plasma rifle.*