Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Benning: Cerberus Abductions		0022

Go to the Euler system in the Arcturus Stream and land on Benning. This is a
simple fight, just circle the perimeter for items and go where the fighting is
taking place. The key item is an armor piece at the very back. The fighting
will be thick, so just keep you back to a wall and move quickly so you aren't
swarmed. Enemies will continue to pour in, so just hold whatever safe spot you
initially occupy. Once you clear the first fight scour the area for items.

Next you must fight your way to some civilians. Shouldn't be hard to fight your
way to them, but getting them to the landing pad will be difficult. I don't
think you need to hold their hands, but stay near them and pick off any
Cerberus forces you see. They can come from anywhere at all times, so watch
your backs. The landing pad will be the toughest, but taking cover in a
building is your best tactic, such as the one on the right. After the long
fight is over just get in your ship.

Nothing new on the Normandy. The below is for those who downloaded the
Prothean DLC or who got it with the special editions. If you didn't do either
then I'm sorry but you'll have to skip ahead to further action.