Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Noveria: Cerberus Fighter Base		0021

Land on Noveria in the Horsehead Nebula. You got heavy incoming, so you may
want to clear left down on the lower pad and then go right. From there you can
either take the left or right way; right being safer but you could also corner
yourselves. I say just stay outside taking the left path and clear the final
room. Then explore the area for items, and not using the computer console
until you have.

Once you do you will be down an ally and have to fend off attackers. You may
find it best to leave your partner by your other partner and then go right to
the outer area, though you will need to be very aggressive and not let your
other guy get swarmed. Then you must make a heavy retreat back to the landing
pad and it's best to this time go through the building, which means going down
the left path or else you will find it hard to go up the ladders. There will
also be a nemesis in with the group. Once you make it back to the starting
point an atlas will drop nearby, but if you are at the very point you came in
from then you can take cover and never get hit.

No use wasting time on the Normandy, just check your email, maybe visit EDI,
and head to the next mission.