Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Gellix: Ex-Cerberus Scientists		0020

Head to the Arrae system in the Minos Wasteland and land on Gellix. You may
want to bring ME2 allies for the old friend you may run into. You have a few
to clear as you approach the fighting area. There are shield generators if you
want to blow those up quickly, but it may be faster just to kill the enemies.
It's a simple fight and after just go up to speak to Jacob if he is alive.

Inside, speak to Dr. Brown, grab the two datapads, and the speak to Dr. Archer.
There is a mod through the door and medi-gel through the next door. After you
meet Brynn you can speak to her again, grab two more datapads, and a mod as
you head for the ladder. I think the room on the right was open, but I missed
it the first time and it had two datapads and an armor piece - so check it
before you leave.

Ahead you get the jump on three enemies, so pop the generator and burn the
engineer first. When you drop to the next part you will have enemies rappel
from above and you won't have many safe places to hide. You could run to the
right and even take cover on the raised area for complete protection. When all
is clear go turn on the satellite. Then you must turn and head for the roof.
There will be a ton of enemies pour from the upper rooftop, so lay low and out
of sight of the turret and mow them down. Hop up there when all seems safe and
then make your way forward quickly. Your team may clear any guys above who
cross the bridge, grab the mod behind the crates, and go up to finish any
enemies off. Go right to turn the first valve and on your way to the second
you should drop down the ladder behind the turret to grab a mod at the dead
end. Grab the datapad and gel before using the second valve.

Put your weakest ally on the repair and then get on the turret. It should go
enemies are put on the roof, down to the left, roof, down, and roof again, so
just pan over the area. Fire in bursts and reload between volleys. Use the
valve when repaired. You can choose to wait which allows you time to find any
items you may have missed, such as those in the med room, and when ready you
can use the console.

You then start under fire by a few soldiers, so clear and head back the way
you came. There are three more enemies in the bay, and outside are many more
waiting for you. Clear the quickly and set up a defensive position near the
bay doors as enemies will land on the pads above you to the left and right, so
you don't want to advance. You will have many waves to endure, and toward the
end a phantom will appear with many centurions. Once all seems quiet an atlas
will drop in as your final test, so lay low and burn it down. Mop up any
troops and you will be done.

The Normandy Part 11

You can make the usual rounds, including someone who may be waiting for you in
the crew quarters. You can run to and from James and Garrus to hear their chat
go on and on. Chakwas offers you something, and that's pretty much all there
is to do. I say continue knocking out the smaller quests.