Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

The Citadel Part 5		0019

Go to the Presidium where all the fun is going down. Your old friend should be
at the cafe, and Liara in the corner. Just know that you can now cement a
relationship with these two, though I doubt you want to try to double up if
you know what I mean.

The Kassa shop should have a ton of new items, and feel free to grab one good
armor that you will use. The asari on the steps will want to hear about that
log you found on Lesuss. Huerta will be empty, but you may have two love birds
in the bar. Samara will be near the embassy elevator if she lives. Hit up your
Spectre console and scroll through the list and be sure to authorize anything
you can for war assets. Then get on your terminal to speak to Miranda. Then go
to the other end of the lobby and ask the guard to open the door. Play the
entries and then grab the bug in the corner. You'll be ported back to the
Presidium. Go into the apartments and I believe it's whichever second door you
choose that will be the correct one. Hopefully you have the rep to choose a
rep option to resolve this the best way of getting the planet and the fleets.
Otherwise you may need to choose one or the other.

*NOTE: Not sure if Zaeed is dependent on ME2 entirely. Loyalty from him in ME2
may be required.*

After all that there should now be a console in Huerta, so go there and you
will find it in the little room on the right. Go to the D1 dock to find the
console and then speak to Garrus by the elevator. Then go to the D2 docks
where Cortez will be at the memorial wall where you will have a rep chance.
You will find James, Zaeed, Tactus, and hopefully you can use a rep option on
Tactus for the best outcome. Use the final console at the end. Hopefully you
can resolve it with a rep option for the best outcome of war assets. With
everything done, return to the ship.

Only Chakwas has anything useful to say, and she will send you to Liara's
special terminal to pick either a +5% health bonus or heal any scars you may
have. I believe the scars are only involved in either being a renegade or in
being one in the previous game. Either way, the health bonus is the way to go.

Again, you have many lesser objectives, and you are always free to break from
this guide and do as you wish. I say let's get more "side quests" done.

*NOTE: You may want to hit Eden Prime now as it is the DLC content you may
have purchased.*