Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Lesuss: The Ardat-Yakshi		0018

*NOTE: You will meet an old friend from ME2, so feel free to bring ME2 allies,
though a strong new enemy will have shields and armor.*

Head to the Mesana system in the Nimbus Cluster and land on Lesuss. Look at the
shuttle, grab the mod to the left, and hop down the elevator shaft. In the room
you will find a console ahead, a note on the table ahead, go left first for
items in a room, then go right to loot the other corner room, and then examine
the corpse. Hop over the barrier to reach the door, and go right to pass the

*NOTE: You can roll to avoid banshee blasts at the last second because they
will track you down if you move just a little.*

After the scene, go right to grab a note. In the courtyard be ready for a new
enemy to appear on the right side. Banshees are tough and slow, and they
launch a big blast that appears to cause damage over time. It is best to keep
distance from it to give time to avoid the blast. Burn it down, stay away, and
then you will have a few waves of cannibals come from the door. After the scene
you can go left for a pointless look at a damaged door. On the right is a
computer and then go through the door.

There is a cannibal ahead and one in an area on the right where you will find
a few items as well, and there are more in the opposite room across the way.
Down the steps will trigger another banshee, and it may be a good idea to
retreat up the steps to at least reduce LOS of the cannibals. Burn down the
banshee at range and mop up the troops. In the next room will be a mod and
corpse before you take the elevator.

There is medi-gel on either side that you may want to save for the fight, and
then go to the bomb control. You will fight two banshees at once with a few
husks. Burn the husks firsts as you don't want them all over you, and then
have your team focus fire on one banshee at a time. You will most likely need
to run all the way around the room, a few times even, and don't forget about
those medi-gels. It's also just as key to keep your squad moving with you or
anywhere away from the banshees. Use the bomb after and during the scene be
quick to hit that rep moment so that you can recruit your friend to the war
effort by telling her not to stay. If you let her off herself then you can do
as you wish to the daughter.

*NOTE: If Samara died in ME2 or you spared Morinth in ME2 I'm not sure how
this plays out. Most likely just a random person helps or no one does. Morinth
will not replace Samara here.*

The Normandy Part 10

You can speak to Hackett, but he has little new to say. Traynor tells you to
meet Adams, and you should have a ton of emails from people wanting to relax
on the Citadel (apparently they all want to take a break, lol). The nomadic
Garrus should be in the lounge, and you should have found a special signature
on the last mission. Use it at the intel terminal in Liara's room and choose
one of the two bonuses (cannot be undone, and I say stack damage). Adams will
conclude the part quest and you will gain war assets. 

Since all want to go to the Citadel, let's go. Just be ready to break some
hearts in the process.