Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

The Citadel Part 4		0017

You can speak to Bailey again, then go into the Spectre office for some
upgrades if you want them. Head to the Presidium and I say visit all the shops
and try not to blow all your cash on armor sets as there are a lot of things
you can buy that you couldn't before. An officer will be talking and an item
you picked up before can be turned into him. There is a conversation down the
steps heading to the C-Sec office, two people arguing in the office (who you
pick is who you side with), and then speak to Sommers. Hopefully you have the
rep to use either rep option on the left side to resolve his matter, otherwise
you resolve it another way.

Just behind Sommers will be Officer Noles. Hit up the two shops in the corner,
then go find Ereba at the shop in the center who will want the hear one of the
notes you picked up. Liara is nearby, but she probably has nothing to say.
There is a C-Sec officer at the cafe and if you side with him you get some war
assets. Stop by the hospital to pick up a few minor quests and after you look
around you should trigger a scene to find Thane. 

In Purgatory you should run into Jack who will tie a bow on the fate of the
students. EDI shouldn't have much to say. You will also run into Joker. Head
for the docks and you will run into Solik at the front desk. All around the
docks will be spots where you can help him build up his story. In the first
storage area will be the terrorist you heard about. Taking him off life support
kills him quickly but is possibly the renegade option, so it's up to you. Don't
forget about the batarian shop. In the area over you will run into a doctor
who mentions the medi-gel dispensers. You'll find them further down the area
and the doctor will blink when you repair them all. Return to the doctor and a
nice scene will play. James was at the back and when Solik speaks to you after
you find all the points of interest you can return to him. You will find Cortez
on the first dock where you have at least one rep moment.

On your way back to the ship you will have a chance to recruit another old

The Normandy Part 9

Traynor wants to speak, and there are many emails waiting for you. Traynor,
James and Allers should want to meet you in your cabin, and Jack should also
send an email saying she's at Purgatory - which we already did and she is not
there anymore. Garrus is in a new spot and your new friend is left of the
elevator - quick rep opportunity and a few things to say after (you may want
to skip renegade rep as you get a bonus power if he/she likes you). Go speak
to Chakwas for a quest. The engineers will update you on the part you
bought on the Citadel. Not much chatting on deck 5, but you can examine
any new mods, equipment, and weapons.

Now go to your cabin and if you got those three emails (and possibly if you've
been playing nice) you can ask up Traynor, Allers, and then James. Respond as
you see fit, but you gain war assets if you are nice with Allers. Play nice
with James and you should get his bonus power. Finally, when you hit deck 2
you should get a call from Anderson in the comm room. 

You are free to pick any of the many quest objectives on the galaxy map. The
main one is way up top, but we have so many lesser ones that we should start
clearing them as well.