Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

The Citadel: Betrayal		0016

*NOTE: You'll be up against heavy shields, so Liara is a no-go.*

You land hot, so clear all the enemies out and move up one of the side paths.
If you can reach the sides of the door you can blast troops as they drop from
above, otherwise just clear them out. Speak to Bailey and after the scene just
move up to run into two unsuspecting enemies. Kill them an you'll have
sentinels and more in the lobby nearby. Take cover and clear the turret first.
After the fight grab the mod and look at the other items near the counter. 

In the next room you can get the jump on a few enemies, including an engineer
on the right. Clear them and move up to hit another clueless troop. Grab the
mod and turn on the elevator with the panel to use it. Move up to find a gun
on a body, and use the two computers in the top right room to open the doors
behind you. Now go back and check each room for mods, a gun, and a datapad. In
the next hall will be two enemies. 

In the next area there are creds and a med kit to the right, and ahead two
enemies will drop from above and more will be in the dining area. I say take
covere in the alcove on the left, but there aren't too many enemies to face.
Grab the med kit on your way out. 

After the long scenes you will be facing a bunch of nemesis snipers with
friends. You have to keep out of their sights and watch for when they cloak.
So if you see them go one way and disappear, chances are they are cloaked in
the area. You're best bet to to stay right and on the low ground and just
aggressively engage them before they can hone in on you. If you see a bright
red light you had better roll to the side or take cover. When clear you will
have to hop over and take a side path where you will find some creds on a
barrel. An atlas will greet you on the other side, so take cover in the room
and just pelt it before it gets too close. Finish off the enemies behind it
and take the door when done.

Hopefully you have two insta-hit abilities like concussive shot and carnage
because twice you will want to pop power sources on enemy elevators and these
kidns of ablities will ensure quick falls. The second one will have enemies,
so drop it to not fight them. The third one will be quick and troops will drop
onto your elevator quickly. The final elevator you need to jump to. During the
scene just be ready for a few rep triggers and I say it's best to hit them all
but maybe you don't want to - it's your call.