Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Tuchanka: Shroud Facility		0015

*NOTE: If you alert the krogan of the betrayal you won't be able to betray

You'll notice there will be a major decision to make, so be ready with your
choice. I say bring Garrus and Liara as you face armor and non-armor. You will
start the mission by fighting off waves of husks, which should not be too much
of a problem. After a few long scenes you will be on the road. Grab the mod by
the forward truck and the weapon to the left, then talk to the scout. After the
next scene there are three items by the dead bodies.

Jump the gap and you can drop down the left side. Straight ahead in the corner
room is a nice piece of salvage off the wall. Come out and take the path down
to the next room where there is another wall salvage, and there is one more
painting down the tunnel. When you reach the ruins feel free to pause as your
squad talks. When you move up a group of enemies appear. Be sure your team is
in line of sight of the enemies to be useful. Either go big enemies to small or
the opposite. After you clear that group and cross the bridge you will face
two separate waves of brutes and friends. You can either retreat back across
the bridge or take cover in either corner beside the bridge, just make sure
your squad isn't exposed.

At the next fight you have best go left up the steps and stay there because
after you clear the cannibals two ravagers will appear. Clear everything and
move up to the memorial site. Once you reach the area where husks attack, stay
behind the first cover because once the husks are cleared two marauders will
appear to the left. Clear them out, grab the mod, then another in the corner
on the left ahead, and then drop down the right side to get away.

*NOTE: You may level up.*

There is a paragon moment in the scene. You will start with a huge cannibal
assault, so hit cover and be ready to pop singularities all over the place. Up
the steps will be a new weapon. When you hop the gap ahead you will be in the
sights of the reaper. Just run and duck behind cover if you need to, but the
monuments will not be cover you can stand behind - it may be more cosmetic
than I realize but oh well, just run forward if nothing else.

After the scene you will have two brutes bearing down on you. Burn one down
quickly and try to get around the other. Just be sure they are dead before you
stop firing, and I believe a third one may have shown up too. When they are
dead run left and activate the first hammer. Another brute will be in your way
to the second. During the scene there is a chance for paragon rep - or at least
if you choose not to sabotage, but maybe you will either way. At some point you
will have the chance to sabotage if you didn't tell the krogan about it.

The Normandy Part 8

You should get a summons to the Citadel, and after you can speak to Hackett
about the war effort. Through email you may gain war assets (though it may
only be by playing the past games). Garrus and Joker will be talking, and after
their jokes you can have a scene with them. EDI is back in the AI core on deck
2, and though I couldn't talk to her at first I talked to Liara and came back
to EDI and she spoke.  Go speak to Allers for an interview and if you are
positive toward the krogan you will gain some war assets. James has something
to say, but it's minor stuff. It's your call if you want to attend the lesser
objectives in the galaxy, but since we haven't been in a while we may as well
go back to the Citadel.