Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Tuchanka: Cerberus Bomb		0014

You start in a dogfight, so just focus fire and push up. I say push up the
left side, but do whatever works - slow and steady is an option. Once clear,
up the ramp will be an item and then more enemies through the ruins. Hit the
engineers in both waves of enemies. Stay to the right side to blast the second
group from their flank. There is some salvage ahead, and after you climb up
the rubble you will face a squad. Past them is a med kit and a mod. 

Drop down and feel free to get the two soldiers before they zoom away. Some
items are where they vacated and then just move your way up the contested
roadway. You'll look at the bomb and then take the ladder to the right. Grab
the mod and head down the path. You can let the Cerberus guys go and they will
only leave a turret behind. Grab the items and head for the next ladder.

You must now keep all the waves of troops at bay. You should just keep to the
area you begin, but you'll need to keep watch of both sides. The left seemed
to have less, so keep mostly to the right. After the first few waves centurions
will drop in, and once those are gone an Atlas will appear. It will not be
alone as more centurions will drop in, so don't go too far from home. Pick up
the missile launcher on the right and try to get the atlas and all of them in
one big blast. Mop up and you're done.

The Normandy Part 7

Everyone on deck 2 has minor chatting, and you should have a priority mission
in an email. There honestly isn't much else to do but maybe visit Garrus for
the most interesting minor chat. You may also want to check and upgrade newer
weapons - just don't forget to actually use them in combat. Set a course for
the Shroud.