Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Tuchanka: Downed Vessel		0013

Best to bring Garrus for small dialogue insights, and anyone else but Liara is
fine. There is a mod around the corner of the start, and up the ladder use an
explosive on the husks for a quick clear. Grab the salvage and there is a
weapon up the ladder. You then will have the jump on four unsuspecting
cannibals, so make quick work of them to trigger a giant harvester to appear.
Just tear into it with armor damaging attacks, and maybe try to hit it in the
blue spots. After the fight, there is mod up the ladder. 

There is salvage straight ahead, a weapon in the corridor, and a mod around
the corner to the right. Hop down the ladder and move up to get the jump on
three enemies and a harvester will drop in. Quickly disrupt its attack and it
may just fly away. 

Down the path will be armor, a log, and salvage past the husks. A batch of
troops will be in front of a harvester ahead, but the giant will be chased
away easily. Around the corner will be marauders in front of the giant this
time. You can try to slip left and flank them after you chase away the
harvester. Down the path is a mod to grab as you hop down the final battle. As
the fight starts just focus on the smaller troops, basically hitting whoever
is closer. Focus fire on the brute when it gets in range. Move to the left
corner as a harvester will drop in. It should be weakened, so focus fire on it
before it causes damage and clear the rest of the area.

Approach the turians and you will get a follow-up mission. 

The Normandy Part 6

Oddly, you return back to the Normandy. All decks are full of just minor talks,
so feel free to ignore or listen; Garrus and Liara are in the lounge with a
few bits of dialogue. Maybe Allers has something, but I didn't take the time. 

Now hit the ruins to go after this bomb.