Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Tuchanka: Cerberus Activity		0012

To the right will be three guards doing a bad job of guarding, so feel free to
set powers to blast all three at one time. Make your way right so you can grab
some salvage. Any last enemies will be in the control room, so blast them and
the turret to clear it out. The rest of the area beyond this room does not
have items, so grab the mod, items, and plans on the console before using the
giant cannon. 

Power will cut off, so go out the front of the control room to retrace your
steps - going out the back way will be hard to get up the ladder. You will run
into a new enemy type called a Nemesis who is a sniper and requires a priority
kill. Slowly make your way inside the structure until all enemies are clear.
Blast off the locks of the power generators and use them to power back the

When you try to return to the control room a guardian and friends will be in
the way. Best to just go back up the front ramp to the control room, blast your
way in, and use the controls to end the mission.

The Normandy Part 5

Didn't want to put this here, but there are a few people of interest. Deck 2
has the usual minor chats from all, and there should be a new email for you.
You should know that sometimes the passing dialogue may take a moment to
trigger, so always wait before you engage someone or else you will miss that
chat. Garrus has nothing to say, but the email should and may have been from
Liara, who will ask to meet you in your cabin after. Adams on deck 4 should
have a new task for you. James and Cortez should chime in on Tuchanka, but
other than weapon or armor mods you don't really need to stop by. Head to your
cabin and invite Liara.

Get on the map and put the cursor on the vessel site.