Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Utukku: Missing Scouts		0011

Head to the Ninmah Cluster, the Mulla Xul system, and land on Utukku. There are
a few items in the room on the left. Head up for items in the next room before
talking to Dagg/Grunt if you want. Move up and you will arrive at the tunnel
entrance. Pick up the flamethrower and when the cursor turns orange you are in
range of the webbing. Burn through it and make your way inside. Around the
corner will be pods that explode on contact, so burn them to move on. More pods
will be up ahead, so burn your way through and move on. 

You will run into a lit cavern where a new enemy type appears, a ravager. They
are walking turrets, so you will need some planning to down it. First you will
need to take out the husks that guard it, so run to the right and out of sight
of the ravager while you burn the husks and the little bugs. It will continue
to spawn swarmers, so kill them quickly. When the ravager is burned down it
will explode into swarmers. There is a weapon mod on the left near where you
entered. Use up your remaining firestorm on the eggs and webbing, then go grab
the fresh one, or the one up ahead. There will be a reaper console to burn and
when you burn the next web a scene will run.

It's easier to cut through the lower path, and there is some salvage through
one of the webs on the left. Around the corner is a husk, on the left is a
corpse with a minor quest, and grab a fresh firestorm on the right before
moving on. Up ahead will be a ravager, husks, and cannibals. Blow up the
little device that is in the middle and burn away the enemies while out of
sight of the ravager. Then strike swiftly to finish it off. When you move up
around the corner you will be hit hard by another ravager and many more
cannibals. Best to stay in the pits, but they may toss frags and cause you to
run away, but it's best to run backward. After the fight, grab the mod by the

The pods up ahead will pop out a swarmer. Use your pistol ammo when out of fire
and just move slowly and use powers like singularity on groups. There is a
firestorm along the way and a mod. When you reach the krogan group, burn your
way to the room ahead and pop the console for a scene. Grab the mod and
firestorm to clear the pods ahead before examining the passage. 

The node you need to burn is up, and when you hit it the panel opens to reveal
a pack of enemies. Burn the smaller ones and then the ravager. Just push
forward to burn the next node as enemies appear behind you. Pick up the fresh
firestorm and head back to cut through more enemies. One your way to the next
node more enemies will spawn with a power barrier. Blast it first and then
burn the rest. Best to keep your distance and not try to flank. When you pop
this node you will have a heck of a fight with many smaller enemies and two
ravagers at once, all while swarmers are at your feet. You can't really flank
or get up close, so best to keep your team at distance. When clear, move up and
the scene pops.

*SPOILERS: These are decision spoilers and there are a few possibilities
depending on backstory.*

If the queen is artificial then you want to leave her to die, else she will
not be a reliable war asset. If the queen was spared by you in ME1 then you
may be best served to spare her yet again. If Dagg is your krogan then he will
die if you save the queen. If Grunt is your krogan then he will survive even
if you save the queen. I can only assume at this point that letting the real
queen die will result in some improved krogan war assets.

The Normandy Part 4

Go back to speak to Anderson on the vid comm, all on deck 2 have minor things
to say, Garrus is in the lounge, Liara will talk after a few rounds of silence,
Mordin only has new insights on the shroud, Eve has nothing, Allers has a minor
blurp that is not really worth the time, and Cortez and James have little to

Head to the Krogan DMZ cluster to enter Tuchanka for the first of three quests.
Put your cursor over the Cerberus site.