Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Sur'Kesh: Eve		0010

*NOTE: By about now you may notice some rep options appear on the left side of
the chat wheels. Feel free to use those as they are best.*

Enter Annos Basin and head for the ship. Depending on prior history you may or
may not run into an old, old friend. When Shepard is walking away you will have
a chance to grab some renegade points, though it is optional. 

Depending on if that certain old friend is with you, you may want to take
Garrus and Liara to almost completely reunite your old team in the opening
scene of this mission, as well as some nice dialogue.

So if Wrex is with you you can talk to him down the steps for more insight on
the situation, but if it's not Wrex then it's another Krogan. There is also a
Major Kirrahe who was from the first game who will pledge support. Speak to
Padok and you'll go down the elevator. After meeting another old friend you
will meet the objective. When in control, go to the back wall for a mod and
log. You'll find the first exit is blocked, so take the opposite door and go
up the ladder.

The Salarians will be blasted and replaced with Cerberus, so be ready. Move up
to run into another pack of soldiers and dispatch them quickly before they take
cover in the lab. Enter the lab and the area outside the right side doorway for
three pickups. When you open the door you will need to hop left and jump the
gap to reach an item. Up ahead will be a meter of the pod, but you just need
to clear the enemies out quickly and it won't be an issue. Have them focus on
you, not the pod. When clear, go use the controls.

Blast the Cerberus on the ship, then go out the opening to face more enemies
on the balcony. Cut through them and make your way to the next fight where you
meet Kirrahe. Go right to flank but be sure to thin their numbers a bit first,
and to keep your team on your tail. Take out the engineers and then the turrets
so line of sight the turrets until then. Head through the door to the animal
lab where a lone subject is free and will be taken out. It's best to
immediately go up and engage the shooters on the second level, and once clear
you can rain lead down on the guardians below who should be fighting your
allies. However you do it, there is a mod, salvage, and an armor piece on the
lower level.

Bypass the door on the top level to quickly save the pod from enemy fire. There
is an item, log, and weapon in the furthest right corner. Use the power
terminal in this corner and then go defend the pod from another wave. After
that, use the computer in front of the pod. You will get hit again. Clear them
out and take the door near where you entered. Hop the gap and go up the ladder
to stop the assault on the pod. Clear them out and use the console. A huge mech
will show up, so if you can blow it up without having to move to new cover that
would be great, otherwise just fall back and finish it off. Once it is out of
the way you need to clear a few soldiers and that is it.

The Normandy Part 3

*NOTE: By about now you may notice some rep options appear on the left side of
the chat wheels. Feel free to use those as they are best.*

Feel free to look over the army you've assembled, then talk to Victus to get
his mission. The Krogan (whoever it may be) will have much to say along with
the mission he gives you. Almost everyone on the ship is willing to talk, and
feel free to click the map to see where people are. EDI will talk twice; Eve
and Mordin will talk after the scene when you enter med bay; Garrus has a few
lines to recite; Liara doesn't add to her bit with Wrex (if it is Wrex); Allers
is having a spat with a crewman so I think you want to target him to side with
his argument; Cortez is up to the right of his normal spot; and don't forget
to buy upgrades for new weapons or improve old ones.

You have the choice of the scouts or the three objectives on the Krogan planet,
but let's get the scouts out of the way first.