Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Sanctum: Cerberus Lab		0009

Go right for credits and a journal in the corner of the control area. Then try
to go up the ramp at the back of the room and you should run into enemies up
top. They are defending the computer, and you need to clear them so you have
time to open it and reveal the artifact. Once you have it, be sure to explore
this room for credits, a mod, and salvage, and then take the left exit out and
you should find a tiny room overlooking the floor where there is an item. 

*NOTE: Be sure to reload at the ammo piles in the major areas.*

When you return your artifact to the ship you will have to go back and get
another. For me, the second one was in the corner of the room on the right,
but I would not doubt the placement could be random. You will run into
resistance on the way there, and be wary of drops from above. Just go slow
until all is clear and then make a break for the artifact. 

*NOTE: Just be sure to get the medi-gel item as it completes as side quest.*

When you try to come back you will hear the ship leave and you should run into
heavy resistance. I say cut through the big lab area and make your way to the
left side of the landing pad area. From there you will just need to fend off
the attackers until Cortez arrives, and then make a break for the ship to exit,
regardless of if the coast is clear.

The artifacts don't go back to Kannik, but the medigel thing you found will go
to a doctor in the hospital at the Citadel if you have the time to waste, but
you know you will go back in the flow of the game so it's your call.