Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

The Citadel Part 3		0008

The war terminal is more populated now if you want to browse. No one on deck 2
has much to say, but feel free to get the passing dialogue. Read your email to
heard from an old squadmate and your injured friend on the Citadel; both asking
you to see them. 

Deck 3 won't have much of interest other than passing chats. Deck 4 has a space
hamster you can catch on the lowest area (patience is key), the two old pals
you saved, and sorry to say but Jack is not in her old pad. The only person
with a meaningful conversation is Cortez on deck 5. Take the chance while down
here to swap, modify, and upgrade weapons (upgrades are cheap). You can also
buy mods from the shops you've visited for a slightly higher price. Don't
forget you have armor pieces too.

With emails read, return to the Citadel and just go to the first dock to meet
with a very sexy former squadmate ("Y U NO JOIN MY TEAM"). Then head to the
hospital to visit your wounded pal. You can turn in some info you found on the
academy to an asari before seeing your friend. I mistakenly went to the refugee
camp and spoke to Kelly Chambers, but you don't have to. Maybe there are
others but I didn't take the time. There are is a Salarian and Turian talking
in the hallway on the top level of the Commons who will give you some war
assets if you just drop in on their chat.

Return to the Normandy and a plot a course for Sigurd's Cradle at the top.
Head to the Decoris system and land on Sanctum.