Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Grissom Academy			0007

Enter the Petra Nebula and land on the Grissom Academy station. Feel free to
test out EDI in combat or whoever. Once you are in just move up and kill the
two agents to enter the room. After the scene, go through the doors and move
up to run into two more agents who have a student pinned down. Kill them and
talk to the student. There is an item if you go through the door next to the
one you came in from. Come back and there will be plenty of things to grab in
the first classroom. In the second you will run into a pack of enemies, so
take cover and use the explosives on the ground against them. Go left to get
a new gun.

Through the right door will be more items, another student in the left corner,
a locker, and a gun on some chairs. Move forward to run into another old buddy.
Take cover and get around the smoke so you can send powers at the robot. It
seems strikes from behind are more powerful, but however you get your hits in
will work. Blow it up and you can explore the area. There are many items
tucked away, including up where the students are, and then talk to Jack. You
can use the laptop before going upstairs because the next computer is in the
top room after you use the laptop. 

Head out and this fight is a big one. You start with a near endless stream of
Cerberus and a huge robot firing on you. Best to quickly go to the right and
engage the guardians that come out of the door in the corner. From this corner
you don't have the best sights on the enemies below but you are pretty safe,
and you are out of view of the robot. Just keep blasting the engineers and
their turrets when you see them. Once the enemies stop appearing, check below
for more through a doorway and then finish off the robot before moving on.

Take the door below to find a few items in a hallway that leads to the second
part of the area. This half is even tougher despite not tossing a big enemy at
you. There is no safe place for you to hide here except for maybe the stairs
just above the doorway you enter from. Anywhere else and you are putting your
neck out. Watch for guardians to come out of the doors to the left of the top
of the stairs. This fight will last a while if you are not a ranged fighter.

The doors open after the battle. Kill the next two agents and use the top
option in chat for a quick solution. Hop over the debris in the hall and blast
the engineer to read a datapad on the ground. Jump in the mech and note that
you have a missile, single-shot gun, and a melee strike. Move forward and
engage anything on the ground that isn't one of your squadmates. The enemy
will come from all corners of the area after you blast the first group. Just
know that the missiles will fire low to the ground, so you need a mostly clear
shot to get a hit. There is nothing you can do but survey the area until you
see targets and squeeze; you may want to aim a little ahead of moving targets.
When the infantry are done and Jack tells you to watch your ass, turn to the
way you came in and another mech will challenge you. You have help, so just
get off a missile and pop bullets at it. Feel free to use the middle barrier
as strafing cover. You are free to exit the mech after.

There is a mod on a chair near the entryway, and then head for the corner door.
Feel free to decide if they are used as support or artillery, but remember
they were recommended as support... (plus you get a cool scene much later if
you send them on support, and I imagine it's a sad scene if you send them to
their dooms)