Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

The Citadel Part 2		0006

You get a nifty option to choose to go straight to the hospital, so go there.
You will run into another old friend near the front of the hospital. Meet with
your other injured friend, and there is a minor chat at the front desk you can
interact with for a little rep.

*NOTE: One thing to keep in mind when visiting the shops is that you will find
the mods for whatever guns you like to use. So while it's nice to grab mods
for all types for your squad, you may want to save your creds to get stuff just
for your play style.*

Take the elevator to the bar and hang a right up the steps to run into Aria, a
leader from ME2. She will offer you a side quest to rally support for the war,
and then go see James at the bar. Use the renegade options and the quicktime
action if you want (though I came out with paragon rep, so not sure what that
is about). Feel free to bust a move at the dance spot at the top.

Now head for the commons and hang a left to find Kanala Exports where you can
get a few upgrades and some fish for your cabin. An Elkoss shop is on the
counter as well. 

Consult your map (click either stick on the 360) and you will see names of
where people are located. Go up the steps on the right to meet Narl and you
just watch the scene play out. There is also a movie sign outside the door
which is pretty funny if you listen to it. 

Liara is down at the cafe, and she will point you back to Barla Von who you
passed by at the Elkoss shop. But go meet the arguing couple near the cafe for
some easy rep. There is a Kassa shop terminal further down, so buy whatever
you and your team need. Speak to EDI nearby and hit the Nos Astra terminal
before or after you speak to Joker. In the furthest corner you can find a
Cipritine and Aegohr terminal, as well as resolve a little conflict. Go back
to the Elkoss terminal which was left of the elevator to get his help. Next
head for the embassies.

Go meet with Bailey to free Jona. Speak to Jondum just outside the office.
Feel free to swing by and visit old Udina before entering the Spectre offices
and use the terminal to enable tracking of the Hanar and to authorize the
release of two old pals. Now go to the terminal that is activate to the left
of the elevator. Head for the commons and stay on the top level to reach the
C-Sec Outpost. Talk to the assistant to speak to the prisoner.

You can choose to let her go or find another solution. Going for a different
solution is best. If you do or not, head to the Docks Holding Area. 

There is a terminal for Jondum at the front, and then go to the end of the
area for another terminal. Speak to Darner Vosque in the corner and it matters
not if you agree as you will get further info and have the decision to make
later. Next speak to Sayn nearby and if you didn't release Sederis you can get
Sayn to replace her now. Speak to Garrus and then ask the clerk to unlock the
VI for a few laughs if you speak to it over and over. Kelly Chambers is in the
area over, and there is a quicktime chance. Visit the Batarian shop in the
area over. Hit the terminal near the elevator before you leave return to the

*NOTE: I forget, but at some point you need to insist Kelly change her name.*

You will find Oraka a level down. Then go meet Kannik in the very corner to
learn that he requires artifacts in exchange for the weapons Oraka needs. Head
back to the embassies and hang a left to meet with Jondum. Pay attention
because you'll have only seconds to decide whether to save Jondum or the Hanar
homeworld. If you push the quicktime button you will save Jondum and gain
Spectre war assets, and by not pressing it you may gain different assets. I
would say just save him.

When ready, return to the Normandy and there isn't much to do other than refit
your new weapon mods and maybe speak to EDI. Since we are on the task of
getting Aria's gangs to help, get on the galaxy map and set a course for Kite's
Nest. You'll need to leave the system through the green outer border and then
consume fuel to reach the Vular system to the lower left. 

Fly over Vana and press the scan button and a meter indicating Reaper Alertness
will begin to fill and it will fill up more if you keep pressing the scan
button. If you do alert the Reapers you should quickly leave the system and
run from the ships before they grab you. 

But once you scan and the planet shows something is there, enter orbit and go
into the detailed scan. This scan doesn't alert the Reapers, so hold it and
move the cursor around until you close in on the bright white spot. Launch a
probe and you'll have artifacts. That is it. You'll notice a few percentages
by names of planets, systems, and nebulas as you leave, but those are just for
overall progress of finding stuff - you got what you needed so you should
leave. You'll have enough fuel to return to the mass relay.

From there you should go back to the citadel, speak to Kannik, and then Oraka
to complete the trio of gangs on your side. But you don't have to, and if you
do you won't need to speak to Aria after. You could complete some side missions
before going back to the Citadel if you want. If you don't, just remember to
conclude the quest at that time.