Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Menae: A Primarch in Peril		0005

As you land feel free to use a distance weapon or abilities on the husks, and
then you will engage them once you land. Clear the waves and hop up to go
around the fortifications to the base camp. You'll find items all over,
including a new guns and many weapon mods; one gun is on the rocky area in the
upper left corner and the other is in the middle lane on some supplies next to
a datapad. Speak to Corinthus when ready and after you have fully searched for
items you can leave through the side.

*NOTE: You want to stay on the straight and narrow paths here as you can get
an instant death if you walk too far off the trail; like if you try to find
the edges of the walking space.*

After you pass the pair of soldiers you will soon be attacked by husks from
ahead, so clear the wave that rushes you. At the tower you can send either
member to repair while you and the other fight off a few mobs of husks. Once
the tower is fixed your team is back to full strength and you will fight more
husks as you can head back to base after the fighting ends. 

Return to Corinthus and you pick up an old friend. Remember to give him talent
points before taking the gate to the next fight. You will run into several
marauders along with many husks. It's best to send your strongest attacks at
the marauders as they bolster any of their allies; use frags and big powers to
down them quickly. You'll fight several of them before the fight ends. There
is a mod near the front and creds to the right. 

Return to base and climb the forward ladder to man a turret. It has only so
many bullets, and you only need a burst to kill a husk anyway. They should all
favor one side to climb up, but occassionally one or two may take the other
side. You can always get off the turret to clear the barricade, but your team
should be competent enough to do that on their own. At the end you will face a
brute on foot. All you do is bullfight with him, meaning you let him charge
and step aside. Burn all your powers on him, keep your distance, and roll away
from his charge.

It's a long, long walk to the next objective, with a single husk ambush and
three items by some soldiers along the way. When you reach the camp quickly
start on the marauders before starting on the brute. The first big guy won't
be hard to down - just fall back to the left and kite him to death. But the
next pair of brutes will be a different story. You will have to switch strategy
and kill them first before the marauders simply because you don't have the
luxury with them cloggin the middle lane. There is a rocket launcher down the
middle alley, on the ground to the right, but you have little time to pick it
up before or while the brutes are bearing in. It's very powerful, so you will
want some distance from the target. Kill one brute, then the other, and clear
the area of hostiles before moving up to meet Victus.

The Normandy Part 2

Turn and use the console to speak to Hackett. Victus is by the war terminal,
and when you go out you are needed on deck 3. Go there and enter the AI core
through the medical bay. You can speak to everyone now and Garrus is in the
middle of the crew deck at his old spot. After you visit everyone be sure to
look at any new email, speak to Traynor, Joker, and the new girl. Get on the
galaxy map and leave the system through the mass relay.

You have many objectives blinking all over. With the emails you read it seems
like a good time to meet some people at the Citadel.