Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

The Citadel: Part 1		0004

You will hear Diana Allers blabbering, so feel free to talk and there is no
harm in agreeing to her request and in fact you should. Feel free to talk to
the Avina program and then go to the elevator beyond the security fields. Go
ahead and visit Huerta. 

*NOTE: If you have Ashley you can buy her a gift at the Sirta shop at the
hospital. It will by the Tennyson books.*

Recruit Dr. Chakwas, and then talk to Dr. Michel who was in the first game.
Enter the hospital and there is just a doctor talking to someone at the back,
then just go see Kaiden/Ashely in the room on the right.

Now head for the embassies. Go left to pick up an overheard journal entry, and
then go right where an old lady is talking to a clerk if you want to hear. You
can enter the first room on the left to see your old reporter friend. You can
then talk to Bailey after for quite a few bits of info. Enter the next door
down the hall to get the show started. And of course you hear nothing but good
 Speak to Udina after it all ends and after you can enter the Spectre
area where you have an email terminal and store to very powerful and expensive
 As you leave for the elevator you will be interviewed and the renegade
quicktime options are there for you if you want them, but it's better not to
and hit the quick paragon option. James is also by the elevator. Return to the

There is a sequence where all you need to do is follow.