Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Mars: Race to the Archives		0003

*NOTE: It will either be Kaiden or Ashley, which only one can be alive if you
didn't play the previous games.*

Once you land you can upgrade your squad, and if you imported then you will
have many more talent points to spend. Each talent has mini trees where the 
first three choices are cut and dry, while the last three give you many choices
in team composition. It usually boils down to survivability versus offense,
and you should favor offense. For melee and close-range characters you may want
to go for more survivability. Don't overlook reduced times and recharge speed
bonuses as those equal more damage output.

*NOTE: Feel free to set your quick-power uses from the power wheel (hold the
shoulder buttons on the 360).*

*NOTE: For you and your squad you should favor putting points into the bottom
talent (the "special" talent) but don't forget to at least get the first level
or the strongest abilities too. It's a balancing act to start for sure.*

As you move forward there is a new weapon to pick up and around the corner will
be a gang of enemies to test you team composition on. Don't forget that you
can pause the game to pull out your weapon or power wheels. You can move the
camera while in these wheels to set targets for your allies' powers, or change
weapons to the range of your enemies. Don't be shy about using these wheels
and powers often; so long as a power isn't on cooldown you should probably use

Once you kill the first group there is another, and feel free to play
aggressive and flank them from the side or back, or just sit back and use
range - just whatever your class favors. Head into the building for a scene,
and after you will have a new teammate and drop James. 

As the next battle picks up be sure to pause and give her talents. Power up
her singularity because you will have a hard time hitting these enemies without
it. You can't get up there, and the lift to the left is broken, so just spam
her sings until they are all toppled. After the fight grab the med kit and
find the computer console by the vehicles. Use it and climb up there to reach
the door above. Through the door are several more agents, so get the jump on
them while they are talking.

In the control room ahead you will find armor, ammo, a med kit, and a new
weapon. Use the console and head out. Drop down and hold the "see" button to
watch the tram roll by. Grab the armor at the next ladder and go up. Hop the
gap and you will enter a cafeteria where you will use flashlights. There is a
datapad on the floor and when you get to the lowest level the window covers
will reveal Cerberus agents on the other side. You can blast through these
windows and they can't see you in the dark. You can then hop through the window
to hit them close up. Don't miss the armor upgrade at the counter in the
cafeteria. Hop over, grab the items, and use the console.

Through the door will be a few items, a datapad, and a weapon bench where you
can change weapon layouts and modify if you have upgrades. It's a little 
confusing how to work with it, but you should try to take only the minimal
weapons you need as increased weight will result in slower cooldown times for
your powers. Through the next door will be a pack of agents prime for a sing,
but beyond them are guardians who have shields that require getting around them
 baiting them for another to hit their backs, or the use of powers like
singularity to just wipe them away.

*NOTE: I'll refer to singularity as sing, so when I say "sing them to death"
you will know what I really mean.*

Then you begin a long fight down three portions of a hallway to reach the other
side. There are plenty of agents and guardians in your way, so spam all your
powers to get through quickly. It would be best to move left, down and around
so you don't get flanked at each portion. At the end watch the orange beams
through the glass and stand by the control. Press it when the beams are
pointing the farthest outward so you can go in for the items, datapad, and so
you can use the door to get out.

Follow the path to face a turret. This is essentially a lesson in how to move
while staying in cover. Just follow the objective markers and for the most
part you just need to hold the cover button and you will be okay. When you
reach the half-covers you need to point the camera to the turret and then
press over to roll in cover. At the corner be wary of the button to turn in
cover (click LS on the 360), and then you are home free in the corner by the

Open it and go in heavy as these troopers will hit you hard. After the fight
be sure to grab the item, datapad, and use the console. Set your team either
on the circle or behind cover up top. Cerberus will enter from the middle of
the floor level, so have a sing ready for them and slowly pick the rest off.
Enter the tram and use the controls. You'll get ambushed, but if you use some
powers you may take them out a bit quicker as a sing may hold them in air as
the tram moves away from them. Clear out the enemy train and jump on to take
it the rest of the way. 

*NOTE: Don't forget to level up, or to check for talent points if you overlook
the notices.*

The next fight is another big one. If you want, you can quickly clear the
immediate area and then hop into one of the pits so you can easily hit all
areas of the room with powers. Just be ready to roll away from grenades and
careful of flankers. When you clear most of the first group another massive
wave of enemies will rush in, so have those sings at the ready. After the
battle claim the two weapon mods, med kit, and head out.

After the scene just follow the target and when it goes behind a door just
open and use the console to open the windows for you to jump over. Just keep
following, taking some care to avoid the attacks. When you reach the top just
be ready to aim for the head.