Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

Earth: The War Begins		0002

As the game starts you get to choose a few minor chat options, as well as see
an old face. As the game starts in proper, pause to turn on subtitles, adjust
camera sensitivity, and it's best to turn off helmets in conversation. You may
notice you can turn off decision-making, but that is very, very bad.

*NOTE: When you run into the husks, looks down to the right and you'll see a
very interesting sight (it's the kid).*

Follow Anderson as you get introduced to the fluid controls. You'll run into
six husks climbing to a roof, so test your aim and climb down to kill three
more. When you run out of ammo you can melee from a good distance and you will
rush up to strike automatically. You can also hold melee to use a power attack.
Go into the room for a med kit and bash the husk through the next door. 

Grab ammo on the other side of the cutscene and feel free to run the rest of
the way, espeically since you have to at the gap. Hop down for a scene before
meeting enemies called cannibals. If you are unfamiliar with shooting then you
need to learn the "pop and shoot" technique to gunplay. You simply stay behind
cover while focusing on an enemy, pop up, and shoot at it a bit before
returning to cover. Simply repeat as your shields and health get hit. There is
plenty of ammo so we will have major problems if you can't beat these three

*NOTE: You have powers, so use them. Bring up your power wheel (hold RB on the
360) and you can set shortcuts. Remember, you have to apply ammo to each gun
when you first use them.*

Cross the bridge and there will be a bunch more enemies around the corner. Just
do your best to keep focus on one target. You do have control over Anderson,
but there isn't much reason to use it as he does a good job of finishing off
whatever targets you start on. There may be one or two more around the corner
on the right, and then grab ammo and the rifle before using the radio. Then you
just have to keep fighting off the cannibals for abount a minute until you are

In the next conversation you may get a chance for a quick-time chat option, but
you'll need to push it while the other dude is speaking; of course it's more
points in that path (Paragon or Renegade). 

*NOTE: The PARA/REN choices won't have a huge impact on the game, but it will
shape how other characters interact with Shepard. Obviously, it's easier to
get someone to like you if you treat them kindly, but sometimes a little fire
is needed to get what you want.*