Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

* 2. Starter Tips ( TIPS222 )                                                 *

Remember to turn on special ammo.

Remember to equip the right weapons on your teammates.

You can only have one bonus power.

Shotguns are decent at range.

When aiming, pick a spot ahead of where your target is moving.

You have five health bars and you will regain only the bar with any damage. The
other bars will refill during certain checkpoints and by using medi-gel.

Using a medi-gel in single player will refill your health bars and revive any
downed teammates. You don't need to target them or anything to revive at range.

If you didn't see the tip, you can use medi-gel at range to revive a teammate.
You can get an increased medi-gel max by buying upgrades from the hospital
shop, which is always on level 5 of your ship.

If you play the game one way, paragon or renegade, then you will find that on
alternate runs you will have massively different outcomes if you go opposite.
Some people won't die, some will join you, some will be your enemy. And of
course don't forget that you can always go back and replay and import ME1 and
2 runs for slightly different outcomes. 

That all being said, it appears that the paragon path is the "correct" way to
go as far as having everyone be loyal, your army at the fullest strength, and
everyone being alive for the most part. Not to mention paragon usually leads to
the romancing and the sex.

If you want to get 10 wins in multiplayer it would not hurt, trust me. This
will quickly increase your readiness rating, especially if you pick and choose
the battlefields to the lowest readiness zones.

If you have an iPhone or iPad then go grab the Mass Effect Datapad app. Login
and you will get your accounts connected in real time, and of course you at
least need to sign in to the EA servers in Mass Effect 3. As a quick note just
be sure to spend your first credits on the reduced time upgrades and throw in 
a few readiness bonus upgrades too. Balance those out for quicker results. All
of this is to increase your readiness rating in Mass Effect 3. Be sure to
reload the app and upgrade before deploying fleets.

*NOTE: In this game you may not see the full effect of your EMS being tops, 
but perhaps it will at some point...*

If you have an iPhone or iPad and have the cash for it, go ahead and buy the
Infiltrator app if you are impatient and want to increase readiness while on
the go. As with the Datapad and your copy of ME3 you need everything online.

A note on readiness rating, you don't need to max it out. With over 6000
actual war assets it will only take a few sources of increased readiness to
reach your 5000 EMS rating for the best ending.