Portal 2 The Walkthrough

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                  | Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You |               [W9]
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|Death Trap|                                                             [9.01]

You can listen to Wheatley talk for a while, or you can just shoot a portal at
the white wall above the catwalk. Shoot another portal on the platform where
conversion gel is dripping. The gel will shoot through the portals and land 
on your platform. Make sure you're not in the way so it can coat the whole 
thing. Portal over to the catwalk now. 

Keep going until you reach a dead end. You should be able to look down at 
the end of the catwalk and place a portal on the piece below. Put another 
portal on the piece high up on your right and jump in. Keep going until 
Wheatley smashes the railing ahead of you. Place a portal on the wall on the 
other side of the railing, then go back to the "doorway" you just walked 
through and place a portal on the wall here.

|Test Chamber 75|                                                        [9.02]

When Wheatley moves the chamber in your way, place a portal at the end of the 
catwalk and look at the bottom of the chamber. You can see inside to the 
ceiling, so portal on in. You'll land in the middle of a bunch of turrets, but
they're all defective. Exit the room when the door opens and keep going until
some working turrets pop up to your right. You'll need to portal that 
excursion funnel so that it comes out of the back wall and carries the 
turrets away. when they're down, place the exit portal on the back wall so 
that the funnel points all the way down the next hallway and hop in.

Get off before you float into the spinning blades. In the next room, redirect
the funnel so that it goes out of the door and hop in. Remember what your 
exit portal is, because you're going to need the funnel. After Wheatley 
smashes the wall with a spike plate, you'll see some white panels ahead. Put 
your exit portal there and fall into the funnel.

Keep going until you cross the gap using repulsion gel. Place a portal on the
doorway and then move forward and look up. You should be able to place another
portal on a ceiling piece inside the next room. Once you're in here, step on
the big button next to you to make repulsion gel come out. Put a portal on the
floor below the gel dispenser and put your exit portal on the big wall to the 
right of all those turrets behind you. You'll need to move the portal around
so that the globs of gel hit all of the turrets. Now portal over to the faith
plate and use it.

|Bomb Transportation|                                                    [9.03]

First, place a portal on the wall above the button. Now press the button and 
look out of the window. The tube transporting bombs will shift and point down
at the floor. Place a portal on the floor where it's pointing so that the 
bombs go through the portals and hit the conversion gel pipe behind you. It'll
coat the floor, so portal over to the other platform.

Now you'll have to drop onto a conveyor belt. Move towards the end with 09 
written on it and Wheatley will start it up. You can't move faster than it, so
just ride it to the very end and get off on the other catwalk. There's a button
here that causes bombs to come out of the pipe ahead. Place a portal on the 
floor below the pipe and place another portal on the floor below the orange 
propulsion gel pipe on the other platform, then press the button. When the 
propulsion gel tube is broken, leave the portal under it and place a portal 
on the wall with 09 on it at the end of the conveyor belt. Now run along the 
conveyor belt coated in propulsion gel and go through the portal.

Leave the portals there. In the next room you'll notice a white patch on the 
floor. To the right of it there's a long hallway with a white wall at the end.
Place your exit portal there to coat this hallway with propulsion gel. Now 
place your entry portal on the floor panel and run through the portals. You
should fly up high enough to enter the excursion funnel above. Get off on the
catwalks and portal up above the fencing when you get to the dead end.
Portal to the top of the chamber here and plug GLaDOS into the socket when you
get to it.

|Wheatley|                                                               [9.04]

After Wheatley starts the neurotoxin, he'll start lobbing bombs at you. Go 
stand in front of the conversion gel pipe and let him start shooting bombs at
you. They'll blow open the pipe and conversion gel will go everywhere. There's
now a panel to the left of the countdown timer that feeds onto a catwalk. 
Place a portal up here and when Wheatley starts shooting bombs at you, move 
out of the way and put a portal on the ground. The bombs will go in and hit
Wheatley in the back. Now enter your own portal so that you're deposited onto
the catwalk and grab the core that GLaDOS drops in for you. The catwalk will
be demolished and repulsion gel will scatter around. Use the repulsion gel 
patch below where the catwalk was to jump up and place the core on the blinking
red light on the side of Wheatley.

Wheatley will eventually start shooting bombs at you again, but his shields
are up high this time. Place a portal directly under him and let him shoot his
bombs into another portal. He'll get hit from below. Get back up on the 
catwalk and jump off the broken end. You'll bounce on the repulsion gel and 
you can grab the next core. Now use the lone patch of repulsion gel in the 
middle of the room to bounce up and attach it to Wheatley.

Wheatley fires more bombs at you. Leave your portal on the panel above the 
catwalk. The bombs will hit his backside if he's facing you, so place your 
floor portal accordingly. The next core comes in from the other side of the 
arena, by the propulsion gel pipe. It's high up, so place a portal on the 
floor beneath it. Soon propulsion gel will spill out forming a runway up to a
single wall panel. Put your other portal on that panel and run through it. 
You'll be slung up to the last core. Use the repulsion gel patch to attach it
to Wheatley.

Soon water will erase all of the gel in the area except for a small patch of 
conversion gel under Wheatley. Put a portal there and when the side room opens,
place a portal on the ceiling of that room to get to the stalemate button. 
Unfortunately, Wheatley has booby trapped it. You'll be blown back to the 
main chamber. As you lay on the floor, the roof will tear away and you can 
see the moon. Your first portal should still be under Wheatley, so fire your 
exit portal onto the surface of the moon. Yep. That just happened. Sit back 
and enjoy the rest of the game.

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