Portal 2 The Walkthrough

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                            | Chapter 6: The Fall |                        [W6]
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|The Bottom|                                                             [6.01]

Keep moving until you come to a fence. Portal past it, and then portal up to 
the next area using the piece of white material pointing down. You'll come to 
another fence. You can portal up to a catwalk way out there and to the left.
Once up here, drop off the broken part of the catwalk onto a path and follow
the path to the left. Keep going until you reach another white wall. If you 
look high up you'll see another catwalk you can portal up to. Move to the 
end of the catwalk and place a portal here, then look down and place a portal 
at the entrance to the cavern.

You'll soon come to a lever. Pull it and you'll be greeted by a huge vault 
door. Get onto the catwalks in the middle and go left. Portal up to this 
office. Now, place a portal inside this office on the wall just behind the 
button. Portal over to the office on the other side and do the same thing. 
You'll have three seconds to press both buttons, so hit one, move through the 
portal, then hit the other one. The vault door will lift. Move to the small
door and head inside.

|1952|                                                                   [6.02]

Keep going along the catwalk until you go up some stairs, then double back on
this upper level. You should immediately see 1952 painted on the wall next to a
blown out door. You can shoot a portal inside the door. Pull the lever once 
inside. You'll enter a large area and a pre-recorded message of Cave Johnson
starts playing. Move to the right of the central walkway and look at the top
of the back wall. You should see a place to portal up. Once you're up there
on the beams, look straight down through them and place a portal on the slanted
part. Now, move onto the single beam to the left, place another portal on the 
white patch below, and jump in. You'll be hurled right through the big 
Aperture logo/circle.

Move through the lobby area and jump across the broken catwalk once back 
outside. Use the elevator. At the top, go left and shoot a portal onto the 
side of the elevator shaft. You should see a well lit area off in the distance,
three doors you can't enter with a slanted white piece above them. Portal over
to that place and hit X on the little intercoms outside each door. They are 
part of an achievement and you get to listen to Cave Johnson.

Now, go back to the elevator shaft and place a portal on the slanted part 
above the doors. Use the catwalks to go down one flight and look down the 
elevator shaft. Place a portal at the bottom of the shaft and hop in. You'll 
fly over to Pump Station Alpha. Hit the gel pressure control lever to open the
gates. Go through the gate and place a portal on the wall ahead of you. Now 
turn 90 degrees left and look at the top of the back wall. You should see a 
catwalk up there that you can portal to. There's a red poster up there and a 
light. Once outside, hop onto the pipe and get down to the elevator.

|1953-01|                                                                [6.03]

Your about to be introduced to repulsion gel. It's blue. The pit in the first 
room is covered in the stuff. Jump in and it'll bounce you right back out. 
You should notice a platform above you with the exit door and a small button 
on it. There's another platform opposite that one with a big button on it. 
Portal up to that platform. Now jump into the pit. Your momentum makes you 
jump higher, up to the exit door platform. Hit the button to dispense a cube,
grab it, and get back up to the big button. Place the cube down on it and 
jump back over to the exit.

Move through the emancipation grill and up the stairs. On your way up, look up
and you'll see a place to put a portal. Now go to the end of the catwalk and 
turn left. There's another spot to place a portal on this pillar.

|1953-02|                                                                [6.04]

You'll notice a moving platform to your right. Place a portal on one of the 
ceiling panels and place another portal on the platform directly ahead of you
with repulsion gel in front of it. Use the gel to bounce up to the platform and
go through the portal to land on the platform. Grab the cube when you get to 
it and then place another portal on the wall behind the entry door and get 
over to it the same way. There's a button up here that you need to put the 
cube on. It flips a wall panel around so you can shoot a portal onto it.

Put a portal on it and enter it. You should exit and hit the repulsion gel 
below with enough momentum to propel you to the next platform. Go through the 
emancipation grill and jump against one of the walls. You'll bounce back and 
forth over to the next cube. Grab it, bounce back, and place it on the button
to flip another higher wall panel to the left. Place a portal on it and head
through. You might have to jump through this one to get enough distance, but 
you'll definitely be high enough after you hit the repulsion gel below.

|1953-03|                                                                [6.05]

Once you exit the elevator, drop down and move across the railing to the 
right to get a big floor area with a bunch of pillars on it. There are five 
large concrete pillars total, but only one of them goes directly into the 
water. It's next to the repulsion gel pipe. You can portal up to the catwalk
at the top of this thing. Once up here, look inside the testing chamber and 
place a portal on the floor marked with the orange reticule, then jump in.

Leave the portal you came out of on this piece of floor and press the small
button. Repulsion gel will fly into the portal and come out of the second one.
Place the second portal so that the floor in front of the steps to the left is
coated with repulsion gel, then jump up. Coat the second step as well and get
up to the highest part. Now look in the opposite direction that the arrows are
pointing and you'll see an emancipation grill and a slanted wall piece. Coat
the platform just below those with repulsion gel so you can get up there, then
jump over using repulsion gel or just portal over there and bounce up through
the grill.

Now place a portal on the slanted wall piece and a portal underneath the 
repulsion gel dispenser. The gel will coat the other surface. Now place a 
portal on the floor beneath you so that you can jump down and come out of the
slanted wall piece. You'll fly, hit the area coated with repulsion gel, and 
bounce to the exit.

|1958-27|                                                                [6.06]

In the next room you'll find repulsion gel constantly leaking onto the floor
as well as water in the center of the room. Water washes away any type of 
gel, so you can't coat that surface. Instead, catch the repulsion gel in a 
portal and coat the floor below the small button so you can reach it. Before
you push it, put the exit portal on the square panel in the back. It's to the
left as you enter the room. When you bounce up and hit the button, the water
will be shut off for a limited time. The repulsion gel will continue to pour 
out, however, and it will fly through the portals and coat the platform 
beneath the water dispenser. You can then jump up to the exit.

In this next area, place a portal beneath the repulsion gel and place the exit
on the slanted portion of wall. Let the repulsion gel coat the opposite wall.
You should notice two vertical white walls here. Get to the very top of one of
them and place a portal on the floor beneath you. Now place the exit portal
back on that slanted part and jump in. You'll fly out, hit the repulsion gel
on the opposite wall and bounce up to the emancipation grill.

Up here you can look down into the previous testing chamber. Place a portal 
below the repulsion gel. You'll need it. Again. Now go up the stairs and you'll
see four large concrete pillars. The far left one has a white patch high up, 
just under the catwalks that you need to get on. Place the exit portal there.
Once the opposite slanted surface is coated in repulsion gel, leave the exit
portal there and move to the very end of this platform that you're on. You
should be under the white piece with the black and yellow crash test dummy
symbol on it. Fire your entry portal on the white ground below and jump in. 
You should fly out and hit the repulsion gel and bounce up to the catwalk.
Move around until you see a white patch on the pillar. There's another white 
patch just about it, so portal up to the next catwalk.

|1958-28|                                                                [6.07]

In this chamber you'll note the large glass box with a cube inside of it. 
Place an entry portal beneath the repulsion gel and place the exit on the 
panel above the glass box. When the cube is coated in repulsion gel, it'll 
begin bouncing around like crazy and eventually break out of the box. If you
can catch it before it hits the ground you get an achievement, but it's a 
game of chance. Anyway, place a portal under the water dispenser and try to 
catch the cube in a portal shooting water so it stops. Once it's been cleaned 
off, grab it and place it on the button to lower the lift.

Now, portal up to the platform next to the lift. Use portals to coat the area
in front of the lift in repulsion gel and use it to bounce onto the lift. Now
place the exit portal on the ceiling above the cube to coat it in repulsion 
gel. It'll bounce off of the button and the lift will raise.

|1971|                                                                   [6.08]

Get out of the lift and move forward. You should see the speaker system on 
the wall here. Look on the back side of this wall for a single area to place a
portal. If you go straight ahead you'll only reach a dead end. A piece of the
catwalk kind of juts out. Get on it and look at the lighted section across the
way with 1971 Pump Station Beta written on it. Portal over there.

Inside the pump station, portal up to the catwalks above you. Now look down and
place a portal on each of the white patches on the floor. Before you jump, 
look at the back wall of the room. Between the pipes, on the other side of the
glass divider, at the very top, there is a white panel. You will need to jump 
into the first portal on the ground, and as you are coming up out of the 
second portal, fire your first portal onto that white panel. You will then fall
back through the second portal and out of the white panel. Once you're up top,
go inside the office and hit both blue and orange gel pressure control 
levers, then move outside.

|Control Room|                                                           [6.09]

When you get outside the control room, portal up to the catwalks at the very 
top. Enter the office up here and look in the back left corner. There's a 
partially hidden door back here that opens up into a corridor. Hit the 
intercom outside the three locked doors. If you hit the intercoms for the 
three previous doors a while back, you should get an achievement. Also, go 
through the open door here and move to the life preserver at the end of the 
catwalk. It's Portal 2's reference to Half-Life 2's reference of Portal, and
standing in front of it gets you another achievement.

Now go back to the catwalk area and shoot a portal down onto the ground below
you. Shoot the exit portal on the slanted portion to your right. Make sure 
you hit the portion to the right of the pipe. Jump in and you'll go flying 
towards the control room, where you'll find none other than GLaDOS. Go over to
her and pick her up when you get a chance. She'll now be with you for a while.
This also raises the lift, so go back outside and get back up on the highest
catwalk. Place another portal on the ground, but place the exit portal high up
on the wall behind you. You'll sail right to the next elevator.

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