Portal 2 The Walkthrough

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                           | Chapter 5: The Escape |                       [W5]
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|Manufacturing Area|                                                     [5.01]

The door won't open all the way. Place a portal on the wall through the door 
and one on the wall next to you. After a lot of running around on the 
catwalks, you'll drop down onto a moving conveyor belt. You'll need to watch
out for materials moving across the belt as well as lasers at the end.
You'll eventually have to portal your way up to the next area. Once up here, 
Wheatley will shine his light on a wall across the way that you can portal 
over to. You'll have to do this again before you're back on solid ground.

The solid ground doesn't last for long. The next catwalk is broken, so jump 
down to crate, then down to the next one, and onto the tube. Work your way 
down to the next area.

|Factory|                                                                [5.02]

Place a portal somewhere in the office and another one on the wall above the 
first conveyor belt. Move along up to the second conveyor belt. As you move 
along this one, you should notice a turret with a blinking laser. As you get
close to it, it will say "I'm different". Pick it up to save it and get an 
achievement. You can also listen to it talk for a bit. At the end of the 
conveyor belt, drop down onto the catwalk below.

You'll come across an assembly line of turrets using a dummy for target 
practice. Shoot a portal on the wall next to you and shoot one onto the ceiling
above the dummy. Drop in there and shoot a portal onto the wall of the office 
you need to get into, then put another portal on the wall behind the dummmy
and walk through. Watch out for turret fire.

Keep going until you see a turret assembly line to your left and an incinerator
on the floor to your right. Stand in front of this incinerator and look at 
the turrets. When a defective turret comes through the line, the machine will 
reject it by flinging it towards the incinerator. Grab it in mid-air and take 
it with you, you'll need it in a second. When you get to the next room, wait
for Wheatley to bust the glass, then portal inside the little room and remove 
the template turret. Stand inside the scanning thing to get scanned and get 
an achievement. Now, take the defective turret that you brought with you and
put it into the scanning area. Once Wheatley opens the next door, move through
to the end.

|Neurotoxin Generator|                                                   [5.03]

Keep moving through this area and you'll ride an elevator up. Place an entry
portal on the wall being hit by the laser behind the elevator. You'll need it
soon. Now press the button on the catwalk to open the next door. Wheatley will
sit there forever pretending to hack the computer, so move up to the higher 
office. Look out of the window straight ahead and you should see white panels
moving up on the left side of the room. If you fire an exit portal at one of 
the panels near the bottom, the laser will come through and the portal will 
raise it, severing all of the tubes over here. Do the same thing with the 
panels moving along the ceiling on the right side to take out those four tubes.
After the huge tank implodes, go back to Wheatley.

|GLaDOS|                                                                 [5.04]

After a long ride in the tubes, go up the stairs and you'll come to a large 
cavern. You're actually back outside GLaDOS' chamber, but the bridge is 
ruined. If you look out across the cavern you should see a light flickering.
Shoot a portal at it, then shoot a portal on the wall next to you. Once you 
land, use the door. Which is fake. You'll fall into GLaDOS' trap and be 
transported to her chamber inside a glass room. Luckily, her turrets and 
neurotoxin won't work.

When prompted, grab Wheatley and plug him into the socket. When the next room
opens up, you'll have to press the button to initiate the transfer. GLaDOS 
won't let you in though, so place a portal on the floor and one on the wall 
in the room to get in. Now you have to get to the button, but GLaDOS guards 
that too. Place a portal on each wall and move through them to get to the 

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