Portal 2 The Walkthrough

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                          | Chapter 4: The Surprise |                      [W4]
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|Test Chamber 18|                                                        [4.01]

First off, always stay behind cover. That turret at the other end can't be 
destroyed just yet. You should notice a white wall on the other side of the 
room along with a small button behind some glass. Portal over to it. Every 
time you hit the button, redirection cubes come out of the two dispensers 
next to the wall. They will hit faith plates at the exact same time and collide
in the air, falling into the water. To stop this, place an entry portal on the
ceiling at the end of the light bridge and an exit portal on the floor in 
front of the far cube dispenser.

Now both cubes should be over there in front of it. Portal back to the other 
side, behind the glass. Place an entry portal to catch the light bridge again
and place exit portals on the ground in front of you as you move to the cubes.
This will protect you from the turret. Take one of the redirection cubes over 
to the laser and use it to shoot the laser into the only two nodes that you can

Now grab the other redirection cube and use it to redirect the laser into the 
turret, for starters. After the turret is down, you can redirect the laser into
the last two nodes and the receptacle on the wall. Now fire your exit portal
onto the wall to the left of the exit door to make a bridge across.

|Test Chamber 19|                                                        [4.02]

First off, let's collect all of the redirection cubes. There's one already on
the floor below you. There's another one up high to your left on a pillar, and
one below you to your right. You can grab that one right now by firing a portal
onto the ceiling above it and another one on the floor below. To get the 
other cube, find the faith plate on the ground floor. You can't actually get 
on it without using a portal. Fire a portal on the ground in front of the 
plate, then fire one on the ceiling panel above it with the target on it. 
Drop a cube into the portal on the ground. It will fall and hit the plate, 
then bounce back up through the portal into the air. While it's in mid-air, 
place the portal that was above the plate on the wall by the cube on the 
pillar. The first cube will come out of the portal at high speeds and knock 
the other cube off.

Now that you've got them all, portal yourself up to the first platform that 
the laser is going to. Bring a redirection cube with you and use it to force
the laser into the node across the way. Now, just like before, hop down and 
make a portal in front of the faith plate and one above it. Drop a cube in 
and when it's in mid-air, fire a portal at the wall opposite the platform with
the first node. The cube will land on it. You will have to get over there as 
well, though, so do the same thing with yourself. Once you're up there, 
redirect the laser into the second node by the entry door.

To get back up to the entry door, just shoot a portal on the ceiling above it
and drop in. With the other cube, of course. Redirect the laser to blow up the
turrets around the exit door, and finally into the receptacle. This will raise
some platforms. You'll need to go down and do the same thing with the faith 
plate again to throw yourself over to the platform.

|Test Chamber 20|                                                        [4.03]

As you enter the test chamber you will see three lasers and two redirection 
cubes. Look to the right and you'll see three receptacles. Place a portal on
the single panel directly in front of the middle receptacle. Now, place an 
entry portal on the wall so that the diagonally pointed laser goes through it.
It will hit left most receptacle. Take one of the redirection cubes and use it
to redirect the vertical laser into the right-most receptacle. You should be 
able to see it clearly through the portal. Now use the last cube to redirect
the wall-mounted laser pointing straight ahead. Place the cube directly in 
front of the portal to force the laser into the middle receptacle.

|Test Chamber 21|                                                        [4.04]

Place an entry portal at the end of the light bridge and put the exit on the 
far wall so that the bridge passes in front of the small button and under the
cube dispenser. Walk through the portal and hit the button. Before you can 
grab the cube, the power goes out. Make your way back to the light bridge, 
where you'll find Wheatley. Now it's time to escape. Just keep going along the
catwalks for a while. Eventually GLaDOS will try to lure you back by opening 
up another test chamber. You can go inside the test chamber for an 
achievement! And death. To continue escaping while still alive, go the 
opposite way of the test chamber.

Eventually you'll run into three turrets. You can get behind all of them, so
take them down and place a portal on the only white wall in here. Now, look 
beyond the padded walls just behind the circular thing closest to your portal.
Your back should be to the portal at this point. You will see a white wall on 
the outside. Portal over to it and keep going. Another turret will pop up to 
your left as you move through the area. Just place a portal on the wall next to
it and on the floor under it. You'll need to hurry through the last catwalk 
section as GLaDOS tries to crush you. Once you reach the elevator, you're 

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