Portal 2 The Walkthrough

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                         | Chapter 2: The Cold Boot |                      [W2]
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|Test Chamber 01|                                                        [2.01]

Once inside the chamber a laser will come down and fire at a piece of flooring.
The lasers will damage and eventually kill you, but they aren't insta-death.
Still, steer clear of them. To the right of it is a laser receptacle. You need
to put the laser into the receptacle to power the lift at the end of the room.
First, get on the lift. Now place a portal on the floor where the laser ends 
and place another portal on the ceiling above the receptacle. The laser will
go through the portals and power the lift.

|Test Chamber 02|                                                        [2.02]

Jump over the laser beam and look in the left corner. You should see a cube 
behind the debris. Portal it over to you. These cubes are redirection cubes.
Pick it up and walk in front of the laser. The cube will redirect the laser 
wherever you point. Place the cube down so that the laser is redirected into 
the receptacle on the wall. This raises stairs to the exit door.

You will need another cube to place on the button. Unfortunately, calling down
another cube destroys the one you've placed, which means the stairs will go 
away. You will have to place a portal up here next to the exit door and leave
it. Now place another portal behind the debris where you acquired the first 
redirection cube. There's a button over here that you can push to dispense 
another cube. Grab the second cube, go through the portal, and put it on the 

|Test Chamber 03|                                                        [2.03]

There are two lasers in here that both need to be directed into receptacles to
open the exit door. First, get onto the highest platform here and grab the 
redirection cube. Now, portal onto the second highest platform. You'll have to
drop onto it from the ceiling, so watch out for both lasers. Redirect the 
laser here into the receptacle on the wall. Now use portals to redirect the 
higher laser into the receptacle on the ceiling.

|Test Chamber 04|                                                        [2.04]

Once inside the test chamber, place a portal on the wall to the left of the 
entry door, and place another one on the platform across the way with the 
small button on it. Now place your exit portal on the wall being hit by the 
laser. It will exit your first portal and hit the receptacle on the wall, 
causing a platform to move back and forth. When the moving platform reaches 
you, you can move the entry portal to stop the laser, which stops the 
platform. Now dispense a cube using the button, hop onto the moving platform, 
and reconnect the laser with the receptacle to reach the exit door and the 
button that opens it.

|Test Chamber 05|                                                        [2.05]

In this chamber you'll be introduced to faith plates. They just throw you to a
target painted on the ground. Use the first one to get over to the small 
button and press it. This dispenses a cube that bounces up and down on a plate
in the middle of the room. You will need to use the plate on your side to get
back over to the entry door, and on the way, grab the cube in mid-air. Once 
you've got the cube, use the plate to get back over to the exit door and place
it on the button.

|Test Chamber 06|                                                        [2.06]

Don't hop on the plates yet. Move to the left end of platform you are on and 
look to the right. You should be able to see two slanted wall pieces. Put a 
portal on each of them. Now use the first faith plate. You will bounce along, 
into and out of the portals, onto another plate, and then on the final 
platform with a small button on it. If you are going for achievements, you 
will want to save here. There are three achievements here to get, and 
you can mess them up.

The first time you press the button, a bunch of junk will come out. There's a
turret mixed in with the junk. Catch it as it comes towards you and portal 
back to the beginning platform. Put the turret on the first plate to send it 
flying and get an achievement. Now get back to the final platform and look 
around for a radio. It was also among the junk and it probably hit the back 
wall and landed on a platform behind the one you're on. Either way, grab it 
and head back to the beginning platform. Now, place one portal on the first 
slanted wall piece and place another portal on the wall to the left of those 
slanted pieces. Make sure it's on the wall as close to the corner as you can 
get it. Use the plates to go through the portals and you'll wind up in one of
the Rat Man's dens. Move around in here and the radio will start broadcasting
a weird signal. This gets you the achievement.

Now, back to the task at hand and the final achievement. Make your way to the 
button platform, again. The second time you press the button a cube will come 
out that you need to place on the button to the right of the exit door. To get
the achievement you'll have to place the cube onto the button without touching
it. Very simple to do. Leave the portal on the first slanted wall piece, but
put the exit portal on the ceiling directly above the button. The cube will 
just fly onto it.

|Test Chamber 07|                                                        [2.07]

After GLaDOS is done toying with you, use the cube to block the laser beam.
This will force the lift down. Hop onto it and then place a portal beneath the
cube and another portal on a wall. The cube will fall through and the lift will
rise. You will see two slanted wall pieces at the top. Place a portal on the 
far one and place another portal beneath the cube below to bring it up to you.
Now, place a portal on the ground below so that you can jump into it and fly
out of the slanted wall piece. Place the cube on the button to open the door
and erect some platforms.

Now place your exit portal on the other slanted wall piece and jump back into
your first portal to fly to the exit door. If you're looking for an 
achievement, place your exit portal on the wall just past the exit door. 
Grab the cube on the button and jump back into your portal in the pit. There is
no emancipation grill here, so take the cube to the elevator and enjoy your 
achievement. The cube is still destroyed, unfortunately.

|Test Chamber 08|                                                        [2.08]

Go through the emancipation grill and press the small button to dispense a 
redirection cube. Now shoot a portal through the hole in the glass and put 
another portal on your side of the room so you can bring the cube over to 
your side. You cannot go through the emancipation grill without closing all of
your portals and destroying anything in your hands, so this is necessary. Use
the cube to redirect the laser into the receptacle on the far wall.


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