Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review

Players can still choose from 3 different assist types after choosing each character. The assist move will vary depending on the type of assist that is chosen. A player can tag out a character at any time in order to make the last used character slowly recharge their red health. All three characters can team up and perform a crossover super where they will all perform their hyper combos at one time. Like in MvC2, a player can cancel supers and instantly switch characters to perform a new super link for increased damage and to tag out easily.

In MvC3, a player can tag out during the middle of an air combo and bring in another team member to finish an air combo sequence - this is known as a Team Aerial Combo. The opponent can perform a Team Aerial Counter by inputting the same command as the opponent in order to cancel their tag and end the sequence. The team Aerial Combo can allow a player to string an air combo with all three characters.

Each player team also has a new move known as the X-Factor that can only be activated one time per battle. The X-Factor increases damage that is dealt by the current character and it also causes the character to take no block damage from attacks. The X-Factor is a great move to use when only one character is left in low health. The character will not have to worry about getting KO'd from block damage as long as the X-Factor last. The X-Factor is a brilliant addition to a game where running and spamming an opponent with projectiles at the last second to win can be a major issue. The X-Factor can easily stop all of that and force an opponent to come to your character at crucial times in a battle.

As already mentioned, the character appearances are all made up of hi-res models with a comic style. All characters are very well animated. Phoenix's fire rages as she performs any type of super and Iron Man can completely fill the screen with energy beam. The game has several different backgrounds taken from Capcom and Marvel stages. There is a Final Fight slum stage, a Resident Evil Umbrella lab stage, a Bionic Commando carrier stage, a Ghouls 'N Ghosts graveyard stage along with a few Marvel stages as well. The stages are all full of life with several background animations displaying other characters and enemies from the game or comic that they are take from. To sum up MvC's visual, just think of extreme eye candy!

There is some slight slowdown when characters are grouped at the beginning before a fight. It's really barely noticeable though. The Xbox 360 version has some slowdown during a character's win pose as well. I never did get any slowdown during an actual fight however.

The overall sound of the game is very catchy. The "Take you for a Ride" theme returns on the character select screen during training mode character selection and there are several other catchy tunes. All characters have their own theme song that will play as they enter the battle. Chris' theme song is especially catchy to me and I really enjoyed Captain America's theme. Chun-Li's theme has an old school Street Fighter feel to it. Character sounds are fitting for each character as well. Classical characters receive some redone sound bytes and newer characters all have their own unique phrases and sounds. Wesker has some of the most fitting sounds for his character. His forceful "You are beaten" and "Do I frighten you?" add to his arrogant character.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 has an arcade mode, a training mode, a mission mode and an online mode. While playing arcade, a player will fight through a few stages of CPU controlled opponents and fight the final boss in order to view a character's ending. The arcade mode has five modes of difficulty and the fight request can be turned on for player matches and ranked matches while playing against the CPU so that other players can challenge you while you play arcade mode.