Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                          | Chapter 9: Interception |                      [W9]
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|Outer Tunnels|                                                          [W9.1]

After you go through the door, prepare to deal with a load of enemies on 
both levels. Your first order of business should be taking out a bunch of 
robotic spiders that explode when you shoot them or when they get near you. 
After that, make your way up top and clear this area out. They'll send the 
melee guys your way, so hold back until you know it's safe. There's a weapon
container up here. After you clear this room you'll be on a curved walkway. 

The next area has plenty of bad guys, and a few of them are toting machine 
guns. Be careful because these guys will put you down before you even know 
what's going on. As you move forward, take it slow. There will be some 
enemies at the far end that like to stay hidden until they get a clear line 
of sight.

|Power Vacuum|                                                           [W9.2]

After the cutscene, clear the room of the mechanical spiders. There might be 
more crawling around as you climb the stairs. When you get to the long tunnel,
something will crash into it and the gravity will diminish drastically. You'll
have to take out a lot of enemies in here, including an RPG trooper at the 
very back. There is a weapon container on the bottom floor on the left near 
the beginning, and one up top on the right towards the middle. If you go 
jumping around, be careful, because you'll jump high enough to be hit by the 
things moving on tracks above you. Also keep an eye out for that grenade sound.
Thrown grenades won't land, they'll just keep flying in the air, so they 
could be right above you and you won't even know it. There are also a few 
sentry bots to take care of in here.

After you restore gravity, grab the missile launcher off the gun rack near 
you. It'll help you make short work of the heavy gatling gun trooper you're 
about to face. The large doors will open and you'll have to deal with a few 
RPG troopers. After they're dead, one of the elevators will drop off normal 
troops, and another elevator will drop off sentry bots and the heavy guy.

|Inner Sanctum|                                                          [W9.3]

After you exit the elevator, hit the weapon container, then take care of the 
mechanical spiders. Follow Rico and Narville across the wreckage to the next
door. Just before you get there you'll have to deal with a few enemies.
After the cutscene, there will be a few enemies on the upper platform, and 
the gravity will once again be dismal. Head down to the cover below and take
the enemies out from down there. Be wary of a sniper at the far end on the 
bottom floor. Once you get back up top, you'll find a weapon container on the 
right and an arc cannon in a gun rack on the left. There are more enemies ahead
that'll rush at you, plus an RPG trooper and a sniper. Further on, more 
Helghast will come into play, including melee soldiers and a guy with an arc 

|Fleet Battle|                                                           [W9.4]

You'll be in the gunner seat in a space fighter. The first part of this just 
involves you flying around taking out other fighters. Keep an ear out for 
that beeping sound, it lets you know that your health is low. It's kind of 
hard to accurately gauge how much damage you've taken just by watching the 
shots hit you. Just keep on firing at the enemies. R1 shoots the machine gun 
and L1 shoots homing missiles.

After the cutscene, take out the two fighters and then concentrate your fire
on the main cruiser. When you see a red target appear over something, make sure
you shoot only at that. Your missiles take time to recharge and your machine 
guns overheat pretty quickly, and there's plenty of shit on this cruiser 
shooting back at you to end this trip in a hurry. After you've circled around
it once, you'll be facing the warp core. Hit the three sections of it and 
you'll start flying around the cruiser again, taking out turrets. Once you've
circled around one full time to the other side, hit the three targets on 
that side of the warp core to trigger a cutscene.

But it's not over yet. You'll be flying down towards Stahl's cruiser as it 
enters the Helghan atmosphere. It'll be firing missiles at you that you need
to destroy. When you get close enough, press circle when prompted to launch 
a nuke. This triggers the final cutscene and ends the game.