Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                         | Chapter 8: The Reckoning |                      [W8]
                         |                          |
                         | ======================== |

|Trenches|                                                               [W8.1]

Run down to the battlefield. You'll need to fight your way up this hill 
that's littered with bad guys. There are snipers here too, so watch yourself.
Also note that you'll start with a pistol and a heavy machine gun, but no 
assault rifle, so if you want one you're going to need to pick it up off the 
ground. You don't actually have to cover a lot of distance here, you just need
to take out a lot of enemies. Watch out for grenades and make your way to the 

After this you'll be going through some trenches filled with enemies while 
explosions and all manner of hell go off around you. A few of the bad guys 
here carry flamethrowers and shotguns, so stay on your guard.

|MAWLR|                                                                  [W8.2]

You'll now have to deal with that huge four-legged thing above you. Follow 
the trooper and grab a WASP cannon. Use it to take down the turrets on the 
MAWLR's knees. Your main targets are the cooling vents near the top. They are 
bright red and will be exposed after the main gun that looks like something 
from Ghostbusters turns off. Hit them with an artillery volley. Everytime 
you do this, the mech will start firing on your position. Also, more turrets
will pop up on it, and eventually you'll have to deal with foot soldiers 
dropping in on your location. After the third vent has been destroyed, an APC
drops off more troops. Take them down and the MAWLR will fire it's main gun 
at the bunkers you're hiding in, so get the hell out of there. Hit the final
vent after the gun shuts off.

|Freight Elevator|                                                       [W8.3]

When you get to the open area, you'll have to take down a lot of enemies. 
They're all foot soldiers, at least, but there are two heavy turrets at the 
far end. Your best bet is to pick up a rifle near the first weapon container 
and get closer, then try to score some headshots. There's also a gatling gun 
laying next to another weapon container on a platform in the middle. It's 
pretty obvious. Don't forget to look high, as there are more enemies on a 
platform above the rest. You'll actually need to get on this platform, and as 
you climb the stairs to get up there, watch out for more enemies.

|Ashen Skies|                                                            [W8.4]

You'll be in a turret, flying around the MAWLR as all manner of AA guns and 
missile launchers pop up on top of it and try to annihilate you. After taking
out several of them, you'll fly over to the main cannon. There are two cooling
vents to take out here, along with more AA guns. Once they're down, you'll have
to take out a bunch of electric nodes that form a ring around the joint where
the cannon/arm connects to the main body. After you do that, you will then 
need to pummel the hell out of the bridge of the MAWLR. Every single thing that
makes your cursor turn red must be destroyed to finally end this machine.