Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                       | Chapter 7: Scrapyard Shortcut |                   [W7]
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|Scrapyard Perimeter|                                                    [W7.1]

The beginning of this is just a lot of walking around. After Rico blows the 
barrels, you'll cross some bridges. Just after these, when you're in the 
trench like area, keep an eye on the left side for a gun rack facing away 
from you. There's a bolt gun here. You can also grab it when you head back 
this way after the cutscene.

When you reach the bridges, be prepared to take on several sentry bots and 
foot soldiers. There's a weapon container here, so go wild with the bolt gun.
As you continue on you'll have to deal with more soldiers and another 
sentry bot. Don't neglect the various explosive barrels. When you get to the 
gate, eliminate the enemies above it and put a D-charge on it. There will be 
more enemies on the other side.

|Fenced In|                                                              [W7.2]

After the cutscene you'll be up against a load of enemies, including snipers
and sentry bots. There's a weapon container and a sniper rifle a few feet 
ahead of you. You can use the sniper or the bolt gun, but since you've got a 
weapon container right there, why not let loose with the bolt gun? After you've
taken everyone down, climb up the crane. There's another weapon container 
here, along with another bolt gun and sniper rifle.

After Rico messes with the controls, you'll have to deal with multiple waves
of enemies being dropped off by dropships. You will also have to deal with a 
wave that comes from the left and starts climbing the ladders up to your 
position. After another wave of enemies, a dropship will start dumping enemies
right in front of you. You can kill a lot of them before they even leave the 
ship. Finally, you'll have to deal with a couple of sentry bots.

|Blind Yards|                                                            [W7.3]

You'll have to fight up a hill littered with enemies. Some of them are 
packing LMGs, so don't stray out of cover for too long. There's a weapon 
container at the bottom of the hill. At the top, go left and you'll have to 
face off against a heavy trooper wielding a gatling gun. He's a very heavy 
trooper, to be honest, and this functions as a boss fight, complete with 
infinitely spawning lesser enemies. There's another weapon container near 
the beginning here. The trick to this is to shoot the heavy in the head. This 
will make him turn around and bend over. At this point, shoot the orange 
tanks on his back. He takes quite a bit of damage. Alternatively, you can just
lay into him with the bolt gun, if you've got it. Rico will hit him in the head
from time to time, so he's bound to turn around at some point. A well placed
bolt will do some damage to him.

|Mobile Factory|                                                         [W7.4]

This place is filled with enemies. In the first room, after you defeat the 
soldiers, sentry bots will fire at you from the windows. Take them down. Once 
you reach an outside area, prepare to deal with more sentry bots and a lot of 
Helghast, including some with shotguns and RPGs. Once you cross over to the 
side they came from, you should see a room with a weapon container in it. At 
this point you'll have to deal with jetpacking enemies. After you take them 
down, you might notice some people off in the distance. Don't shoot them, 
they're friendly ISA forces. After you go around a couple of corners, you 
will be on a catwalk. At the other end, there's a guy with a missile launcher 
pointed right at you, so take him down quickly.

At the next set of stairs, do not rush forward. There are enemies up here 
that are hard to see, including one with an RPG. Also, two jetpackers come out 
of nowhere while you're fighting them, so stay alert.

|Belly of the Beast|                                                     [W7.5]

After you go up the stairs you'll have to deal with several Helghast and two 
turrets. Once you've cleared them out, hop onto the two turrets facing the 
opposite way and deal with the jetpacking soldiers. Most of them come from a 
platform above you, and if you don't deal with them quickly they will put 
you down for good. After they're gone, mop up the foot soldiers and the RPG
troops on the platforms ahead.

Once you get to the end you'll have to deal with two AA guns below you. There
are plenty of missile launchers here to make the job easy, along with a weapon
container. Blow them away and head down the ramp, taking out more enemies as 
you go. You'll soon head back below deck to blow open a door to the main 
control room. Inside you'll find several Helghast, so toss in a couple of 
grenades to soften them up first.