Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                    | Chapter 6: Stahl Arms Infiltration |                 [W6]
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|Stahl Arms East Block|                                                  [W6.1]

You're back at the beginning of the game. Just follow Rico around for a while. 
You won't have to do the weapons training, obviously. You should finally come
to a door that's blocked by three guards. At this point, you'll need to make 
a diversion, so head back and go into the middle area. There's a valve in here
that you can turn. This triggers a cutscene. After that, there's more walking
around, and then another long cutscene.

|Ward 5|                                                                 [W6.2]

You'll have to take down several enemies in a couple of waves. Fortunately, 
you now have the arc cannon. If you just shoot it, it stuns an enemy. The 
second shot will kill them. You can hold down R1 to charge it up, however, 
and then shoot it at an enemy. It has a bigger radius that way and it makes 
them explode. There's a weapon container here, so go nuts with it. After 
they're dead, make your way into the next room. There are a lot of bad guys 
in here, and one of them has an arc cannon. Use your own to thin the crowd.

After the next cutscene, Narville will go elsewhere. Head into the first door 
on your right for a weapon container. This room has a lot of enemies in it. 
After you take them out, move forward and check the balcony behind you. There 
are enemies up here. Move towards Rico as soon as possible. He's standing 
behind some solid cover along with some weapons and a weapon container. Also,
more enemies will start flooding in from the door you came in, so you'll 
need to put some distance between you and them. Among those enemies is a guy 
with an arc cannon. Your own arc cannon is the best bet when facing these guys,
as they take a lot of punishment.

|Assembly Line #17|                                                      [W6.3]

Go down the stairs and stock up on arc cannon ammo if you need it, because 
the door closes behind you when you step out. This next area is filled with 
enemies and there's little cover. You'll need to watch for bad guys on the 
structure in front of you, as well as some that try to flank to your left. 
A few jetpacking Helghast also come in at one point, so you'll need to be on 
your guard. When they're down, move up that structure. There's a weapon 
container on the second floor. At the top you'll have to deal with more 
enemies on the next structure. There are multiple electric nodes that you can 
shoot to take out the bad guys.

When the elevator comes up, take out the lone soldier and ride it to the 
bottom. Down here you'll have to deal with more enemies, including an RPG 
trooper up top and an arc cannon trooper on the bottom. When you next encounter
enemies, you'll meet back up with Narville and some prisoners. Clear out the 
room and move outside. There are plenty more baddies all over the place, so 
stay in cover and pick them off. There are two jetpacks to your left as you 
go outside, if you'd like to stay mobile. When all of the other enemies are 
down, you'll need to take out a flying mech. It zips around pretty quickly, but 
stops to fire it's machine gun and rockets at you. Use this moment to hit it 
with either the arc cannon if you still have it, or a missile launcher that you
can pick up from the building at the bottom of the ramp. It shouldn't take 
too long to destroy, just stay away from the missiles it fires.

|Sharp Pursuit|                                                          [W6.4]

You'll be stuck inside of an Ice Saw. It's a vehicle that saws through ice. 
It'll automatically move forward, so all you have to do is steer and shoot. 
Press R1 to fire the machine guns and L1 to fire homing missiles. You'll need
to lay down on both to take out all of the ground vehicles that harass you 
as you're driving along. Eventually, you'll also have to deal with dropships.
Just stay alive for a couple of minutes and the chapter will end.