Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                         | Chapter 5: Icy Incursion |                      [W5]
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|Frozen Shores|                                                          [W5.1]

You'll be placed into a turret. Your ship will fly around a few platforms in 
the frozen water. You'll have to take out normal soldiers, AA turrets, RPG
troopers, and even dropships towards the end. However, this part is still 
pretty short and somewhat easy.

|Shipwreck|                                                              [W5.2]

After you crash you'll find a minigun you can tote around with you. There are
several Helghast between you and the tanker you need to board. Some of them 
might have rifles that do heavier damage, so watch out. There are multiple 
enemies on the tanker itself, along with a weapon container in the first 
room you come across. Make your way to the top and then drop back down into 
the middle of the tanker.

In this area you'll be trapped with three jetpacking soldiers and two RPG 
troopers at the far end, above you. The enemies with jetpacks aren't really
that difficult to take down, if you can keep your reticule on them. After the
you climb up and trigger the cutscene, you'll need to use the jetpack you've
acquired to jump across the icebergs below you. Hold L1 to use the jetpack 
and press X to give yourself a boost in mid-air. You can't keep it active for 
more than a couple of seconds at a time. Once you're inside the busted ship, 
you'll need to get across a large gap. Make use of that speed boost. When 
you get to the boarded up door, press R1 to fire your machine gun and blow 
the boards out of the way.

|Akmir Rig|                                                              [W5.3]

Jetpack over to the rig, then up onto the main platform. There are multiple
soldiers here. You'll need to make your way up to the AA gun in the middle, 
about two floors above you. There are more soldiers guarding the gun. Something
to note here: The jetpack isn't something you have to wear. It takes up the 
heavy weapons slot, so you can switch at any time to another weapon or throw
a grenade if you prefer to do things that way. You can then go back to 
jetpacking whenever you feel like it. Anyway, get to the room just below the 
AA gun and plant a D-charge in there.

After the cutscene, jump off of the platform and do multiple thrusts to get 
down to the iceberg far below you safely. Hop around until you reach an 
iceberg with a couple of Helghast on it. Kill them and a few jetpacking 
enemies will show up, along with a dropship that dumps more regular bad guys 
on you. There's a weapon container in the tunnel to your right as you first 
land on this iceberg. When you get to the end, shoot the two electric nodes 
on the next rig to lower a platform that you can jump onto.

|Nilfrost Rig|                                                           [W5.4]

There are enemies scattered around up here. Fortunately, there are also 
plenty of explosive barrels scattered around. Use them. When you get to the 
stairs leading down, be careful. There are more enemies on those stairs as 
you descend and further down on the catwalk. There are more enemies on the 
platform below you where you need to plant the first D-charge. Take them out, 
but make sure they're all dead when you get down there. Plant the charge and 
two jetpacking soldiers will come in for you. Jump around some more until you 
get to the second point. Plant the charge and take out the lone jetpacker. 
You now have 4 minutes to get off of the rig. Go through the gate and hop onto
the stairs. Now turn around and look on the corner wall on the left. There is 
an alcove in the wall you can jump to. You'll need to keep jumping up this 
shaft, to alcoves, platforms, and eventually some stairs. There are enemies 
in here too.

Once you're on the platform, you'll come to a room with some enemies and some
crates. Look up and you should see a big hole in the ceiling. Fly up, take 
out more enemies and a jetpacker, and make your way to the platform 
extending out to trigger the cutscene.

|Providence Bay|                                                         [W5.5]

At the start, follow Rico. You'll need to keep on the move because the volleys
of missiles from the turret will come straight for you. When you head up the 
stairs, be prepared for multiple enemies. There are more up the next set of 
stairs and inside the bunker. When you get to the stairs that lead to the 
top of the bunker, you'll find one Helghast and a weapon container. Climb the 
stairs but don't exit onto the roof yet. There are two soldiers up here, plus
a sniper on the crane/rig thing out ahead of you.

Once they're all down, take control of the missile turret. You can fire three
seperate volleys before you have to reload. If you press in the right 
thumbstick, you'll enter artillery mode. This fires all three volleys straight
down on top of a target instantly. You'll need to deal with a dropship, 
soldiers on the ground, bunkers with guns in them, and a tank. Once they're 
down, make your way to the other side of the bay. Keep running, because the 
other missile turret will still be firing at you. Get to the top of that 
bunker, destroying all the Helghast in your way, and use the turret to take 
out whatever's left down below, including a tank that shows up.

|Providence Station|                                                     [W5.6]

Once you get back down to the ground and enter the big doors, you'll trigger a
cutscene. After that cutscene, there will be a tank for you to take out. If 
you don't have one of the missile turrets on you, there are some on a gun rack
in here. There's also a weapon container. Take out the tank and other enemies 
and move up the hill. You'll find another weapon container here along with 
another tank and more bad guys.

When you reach the station, you'll have to deal with a swarm of enemies 
guarding the place. Take them out, and be sure to check that small building
to your right before you enter the actual complex. Once you're inside, 
clear out whatever enemies might be left on both floors and move towards the 
checkpoint to end this chapter.