Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                         | Chapter 4: Six Months On |                      [W4]
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|Jungle Valley|                                                          [W4.1]

As you move through this stage, you'll need to watch out for some hostile 
plant life. The orange cactus looking things explode when you shoot them, 
which can be used against other enemies. You'll encounter Helghan spiders at 
one point, but they are easy to take out. After the cutscene, use L1 to 
silently kill the soldier on the right. Next, zoom in and take out the 
soldier on the ledge above you with a headshot. You don't have to do this 
stealthily, but it saves you the trouble of fighting a ton of bad guys.

To hide from enemies, you can enter a dark place, or you can hold down L2 to 
crouch while in tall grass. Follow Kowalski's lead. While crouching in the 
grass, an enemy comes towards you. Headshot him. Move into the dark tunnel on 
the right. Two more enemies will come around. Wait until they're both by the 
orange cactus thing, called a burster, and then shoot it.

After Kowalski boosts you up, you'll come across a lot of soldiers. Wait until
the mech thing moves away and start taking them out silently. When you need 
to take out the two patrolling enemies, wait until they are by a burster. Same
goes for the two enemies beneath the bridge that holds one more enemy. Just 
be patient and careful.

|Behind the Vale|                                                        [W4.2]

You're still in the stealth portion of the level, but you'll no longer have 
Kowalski around to show you where to go. Wait until the first two Helghast 
split up, then take them both down. If you let the other one go, it's no 
big deal. He'll be standing at the edge of the cave you're about to enter, so 
you can knife him easily. There are 4 soldiers that you'll need to take out 
when you exit the cave. One patrols directly in front of you, one is on the 
platform above him, one is on the left side in the middle, just staring off 
into space, and one is at the entrance to the next cave you'll need to enter.
They are all easily dispatched with headshots.

After you exit the slightly longer cave system, you'll come across two 
more enemies. Circle around to the left and crouch in the high grass. Use it 
to get next to the guard on the ground and knife him when the other isn't 
looking. Headshot the upper guard. There's another enemy in the next small 
cave that you need to go through. You can headshot him from where you're at.

There are a bunch of troops and mechs outside of the cave. Don't bother 
shooting any of them. Just use the rows of tall grass to move through the 
area, and remember to stay crouched. Use a burster to take out most of the 
Helghan spiders in the next area.

|Cruiser Wreckage|                                                       [W4.3]

There are 4 Helghast in the area. Knife the one in front of you, and headshot
the other three from the dark tunnel to your left. One of them is pretty far
out, and they all move around, so be patient. Once you've killed them all, 
move forward. There's no need for stealth anymore. There's a weapon container
and a heavy machine gun in the middle. Keep going until you trigger the 

After the cutscene, you'll be in a firefight with a few soldiers who will 
try to flank to your right and a mech. There are assault rifles and smgs in a 
gun rack near you, as well as a weapon container and another heavy machine gun.
You'll need that heavy machine gun. If you lay into the mech, you'll destroy it
pretty quickly. After they're down another mech drops in, so pummel it with 
bullets, restock, and move forward.

|Kaznan Deep|                                                            [W4.4]

Head back to the entrance to this area. It's gone, but you can go up that 
dark tunnel and you'll find a new entrance at the top if you go left. There are
enemies in this tunnel. When you drop out into the next clearing, be prepared
to take on more bad guys, including one with a flamethrower that rushes you, 
and two RPG troopers in the back. You can pick up that flamethrower if you'd
prefer it over the machine gun. There are more enemies in the next clearing, 
including another flamethrower guy. Also note that for obvious reasons, 
flamethrowers aren't very effective against flamethrowing enemies.

You'll encounter more enemies a bit further on. There are some machine guns 
on the ledge here, by the piece of cover, if you decided you don't like the 
flamethrower. After you take these guys out, move forward and more soldiers
will come out of the next cave. When you go through the cave and come out on 
the other side, there will be more baddies to greet you. Included this time are
two of the Predator-esque guys with the blades coming from their arms. They 
run fast but can only melee and are quick to take down.

You'll finally link back up with ISA forces as they fight more Helghast. Follow
them and keep your eyes open. Enemies will come out of caves and will be on 
upper levels as you move on. The enemies die down as you get closer to the 
ISA base camp.

|ISA Camp Siege|                                                         [W4.5]

This is just a matter of staying alive for about 2 minutes while a million
Helghast soldiers and mechs swarm you. Grab a heavy machine gun whenever 
possible so you can lay into everything. Just keep falling back as the 
positions get overwhelmed and try to stay in the middle.