Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                          | Chapter 3: Pyrrhus Evac |                      [W3]
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|Senlin Beach|                                                           [W3.1]

You'll be in the gunner seat here. Use L1 to fire cannon shots and R1 to fire
the machine gun. The tanks plows through this area pretty quickly, so you need
to be on your guard. Helghast will be all over the place. When you eventually 
get out onto the large beach area, immediately face left. There will be a 
load of soldiers and two gunships pummelling the hell out of you.

When you first get on the highway, APCs will come from the right, along with 
some soldiers. The rest of the highway part will be you running away from 
those APCs, which have turrets on them. They'll also damage you if they get 
on your ass, so keep hitting them with cannon shots. When you get off the 
highway, you'll have to deal with tanks, which take roughly the same amount
of damage, but deal out a lot more. After the first two, watch out for sandbag
emplacements as well as more tanks.

|Salach District|                                                        [W3.2]

Climb up the flight of stairs and bust through the doors. You'll eventually
come across a manned turret. Kill the enemy and take control of it to clear
the street below. Move on. You'll start coming across snipers next. They have
a pretty obvious red laser sight attached to their guns, so they shouldn't 
take you by surprise. You can also pick up one of their snipers when you 
come across it. It occupies the heavy weapon slot.

After the cutscene, you'll need to take out two gunners. One is on the ground
next to the arc cannon, the other is above the ground to the right of the 
building in front of you. After they're dead, clean up any Helghast on the 
street and prepare for snipers to start popping out of the windows of the 
building in front of you. Eventually, snipers will occupy the building to your 
left, as well as the building to your far right. If you go up the stairs and 
then down another set of stairs you'll find a weapon container. Take out 
several snipers and Rico will give you the go ahead to mop up the rest of the 
ground troops.

|Ground Zero|                                                            [W3.3]

You'll be inside of a mech for this one. L1 fires rockets and R1 fires the 
machine gun. Follow Rico and you'll enter an area with soldiers, arc cannons, 
and even tanks that all need to be taken out. Drop down into the trench and 
hit the bridge. Remember press up on the D-Pad if you need directions. After 
you come out of the trench, you'll have to deal with RPG troops and turrets 
in the two buildings ahead of you. Do NOT get cocky. Just because you are in a 
mech doesn't mean these guys can't tear you up. Zoom in and pick them off. Go
to the left of the left-most building and start picking off the heavier turrets
and tanks on the other side. There's a lot of heavy munitions over here, so 
don't just run out or you'll get chewed to pieces.

After the cutscene, you'll be out of the mech. Look on top of the trench for 
a flamethrower-toting Helghast that's torching your troops. Fight your way 
through this trench, which is filled with bad guys. There will be a couple 
more flamethrowers above you to take out when you get to an open area. You 
should eventually make it to an open area with a few soldiers. Further on in 
the trench, an APC comes in with some troops. Take out the enemies, and don't
worry about the APC, it won't do anything to you. Walk right past it and up 
the stairs to end the chapter.