Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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                       | Chapter 2: Evacuation Orders |                    [W2]
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                       | ============================ |

|Escaping Visari's Palace|                                               [W2.1]

At the beginning here, just follow Rico down the debris. You can push and 
hold in the left thumbstick to sprint. You'll soon come to two enemies that 
are facing away from you. After Rico takes the first one down, move around 
the debris and press L1 to do a brutal melee kill. When you link back up with
some ISA forces, you'll have to deal with a few Helghast to your right. Move 
up the steps after they're dead and take out the other Helghast on your 
left. There are more this time. You can hit R2 to toss out a grenade, which 
is good for taking out enemies behind cover.

As you go up the next set of steps, look for a weapon refill container to your 
left. Also, the enemies you've just killed should've dropped a missile 
launcher that you can pick up. You won't have to drop anything else for it, 
since it takes up a heavy weapons slot. You will have to drop your revolver, 
however, if you want to pick up the shotgun pistol, which should be laying in 
the same area. Move forward to trigger a cutscene.

|Rooftop Showdown|                                                       [W2.2]

Move down the stairs and open the door. There is a soldier here with his 
back turned to you. Use a brutal melee on him, and be prepared to take out 
a few more just over the pile of rubble to your left. There's a weapon 
container here, too. When you reach the courtyard area with the tree in the 
middle, you'll need to deal with several more troopers. There may be some 
hiding in the close-enclosed areas on the sides of the courtyard. You can 
make good use of grenades here.

|Dead End|                                                               [W2.3]

Outside, look to the right for a weapon container. Head down to the large 
courtyard and start taking out enemies there. Watch out for a turret on the 
right side. Don't stay here for too long, because the enemies will just keep 
coming. You need to go up the stairs and use the wheel on the right side 
to open the gate. Grab the wheel by holding both L1 and R1, then rotate the 
controller left to turn the wheel. Keep doing this until the gate is raised.

Head through the gate yourself. You'll come to a hole in the ground with 
ominous green shit flying out of it. Head into the broken wall to your left. 
Let Rico boost you up when you get to the low wall.

|Bilgarsk Museum|                                                        [W2.4]

You'll come to a turret. Mount it and take out the numerous Helghast running 
to the right. There are also some troops on the second level of the 
building in front of you. After they're all gone, you can press triangle to 
pull the gatling gun off and use it, but it takes up your heavy weapons 
slot, so you'll drop the missile launcher if you have it. However, the gatling
gun will prove a lot more useful when you go through the next door.

In here, stay back and wait for enemies to populate the room. They'll cover 
the balcony too, and you don't want them firing down on you. Use the turret 
to help clear the room. There are more as you move around to the left. As you
are about to leave this area, check a room to the left of the exit for some 
grenades. There are a few more enemies to take out when you get up to the 

On the roof, you'll have plenty of Helghast soldiers to deal with. There is 
a weapon container directly ahead of you as you exit the door that leads to
the roof. If you have the gatling gun, pull it back out to chew these 
bad guys up. Once most of them are gone, a drop ship will come and start 
shooting at you, use whatever heavy weapon is available to knock it out of 
the sky. More soldiers will pour in after this. When they're dead, move to the 
door with the highlighted area on it. You'll need to press circle to place a 
bomb here. Hold R1 once it's down and rotate the controller left, then right 
to arm it. Press circle again and press R1 when you're a good distance away 
to blow the door. Right after you arm it, enemies will start coming over the 
wall to your right. When you blow the door, more enemies will come in through
the new hole. Take them all down and move forward.

|Broken Highway|                                                         [W2.5]

Keep moving. When you encounter doors that look like they've been shot to hell,
you can shoot or melee them to bust through. After the cutscene, let the ISA 
mech take down the Helghast machine, then move forward. There will be a 
gunship above you, along with enemies in a building to your right and on the 
bridge ahead of you. There are explosive barrels on the bridge that you can 
use, and the building on your right is weak. If you shoot out the supports on 
the same level as the soldiers, piece of the roof above them will fall on 

Move on down the highway. There will be a hell of a lot more enemies to take 
out this time, both on the highway and in the building to your left. There 
is also an RPG trooper in that building, so try to take him out quickly. After
a bit, another gunship will drop in. Luckily, there's a weapon container here,
so use your heavy weapons to make short work of everything. Take out the 
straggling Helghast as you reach the end of the bridge to finish the