Mortal Kombat Game Guide

"Police brutality, comin' up!"

One of New York City's Finest, Stryker is a one-man SWAT team. He was 
once decorated for single-handedly thwarting the terrorists in the famous 
Greenberg Tower Incident, and again for rescuing passengers of a speeding 
crosstown bus rigged to explode. He was unprepared, however, for the 
magical portal that spewed forth creatures from another realm--a realm 
he didn't even know existed. So far his kombat training has gotten him 
through the first wave of creatures. It'll take more than rocket-launching 
Tarkatans to stop this die-hard cop.

 Cross Hook		- Back + [FP]
 Baton Twirl		- Back + [BP]
 Uppercut		- Down + [BP]
 Sweep			- Back + [BK]

 Fast Tag

 Serve and Protect	- Back + [FP], [BP], [BP], Tag
 Remain Silent		- Back + [BP], Forward + [BP], Tag
 Affirmative		- Back + [FK], [BP], Tag

 Tag Combos

 We Aim to Please	- [FP], [FP], Tag
 Officer Friendly	- Back + [FP], [BP], Tag
 Don't Move!		- [BP], [FK], Tag
 Assault and Battery	- Back + [FK], [BP], Tag


 Cop Out		- [FP], [BP]
 Dispatched		- [FP], [FP], [BK]
 Beat Down		- Back + [FP], [BP], [BP]	
 Pain Patrol		- [BP], [FK], [BP]
 The Heat		- Back + [BP], [BP]
 Aggravated Assault	- Back + [BP], Forward + [BP]
 Spread 'Em		- Back + [FP], Back + [BK]

 Special Moves

 Baton Sweep		- Down, Back, [BK]
 High Grenade Toss	- Down, Back, [BP]
 Low Grenade Toss	- Down, Back, [FP]
 Gun Shot		- Back, Forward, [FP]
 Roll Toss		- Back, Forward, [BK]

 Enhanced Attacks
 (Requires one bar of Super)

 Baton Bash		- Down, Back, [BK] + Block
 Double Grenade Toss
		High	- Down, Back, [BP] + Block
		Low	- Down, Back, [FP] + Block
 Bang Bang		- Back, Forward, [FP] + Block
 Roll Out		- Back, Forward, [BK] + Block

 X-Ray Move
 (Requires full Super bar)

 Busted			- Flip Stance + Block
   (Stryker flashes his Maglite flashlight interrogation style.  If the
    opponent is blinded he'll smash them in the skull with the flashlight,
    then hits them in the neck with his side-handle baton and then 
    tazers them.)

 Finishing Moves

 Time Served		- Forward, Down, Forward, [FK]
   (Stryker tazers his opponent and shoots him point-blank in the head.
    Stand close.)
 Have a Blast		- Down, Forward, Down Forward, Block
   (Stryker takes a grenade and punches it into the opponent's torso, 
    which explodes. Stand in sweep distance.)
 Stage Fatality		- Forward, Up, Up, [BK]
 Babality 		- Down, Forward, Down, Back, [BP]
   (Baby Stryker tries firing his pistol, but it's too heavy to lift
    so he ends up shooting the ground and knocking it out of his hands.)