Mortal Kombat Game Guide

"I guess I'll have to do this the hard way!"

As a girl, Sonya idolized her father, a U.S. Marine. When he embarked on 
a covert operation and never returned , she vowed to honor his memory. 
She joined the Marines and pushed herself hard, quickly rising in rank. 
Sonya's impulsiveness didn't win her many friends, but her skills and 
loyalty gained the respect and admiration of all who fought beside her. 
Though she has never given up her quest to uncover the truth behind her 
father's disappearance, she realizes that she might never see him again. 
Now Sonya finds herself caught up in the mysterious Mortal Kombat 
tournament. Like her father, she too could become a casualty of war.

 Backfist		- Forward + [BP]
 Hookshot		- Back + [BP]
 Spin Kick		- Back + [FK]
 Sweep			- Forward + [BP]
 Uppercut		- Down + [BP]
 Military Stance	- Down, Back + [BP]
 	Double Kick	- [BK]
 	Power Knee	- [FK]
 	Shoulder	- [FP]
 	Knockdown	- [BP]
 	Tackle		- [FP] + [FK], [BP] + [FP]
	Dash Punches	- Forward + [FP]
 	Lift Off	- Back + [BP]
	Hit the Deck	- Back + [BK]

 Fast Tag

 Switch Off		- Back + [BP], Tag
 Fatal Kiss		- Down, Back, [FP], Tag
 Windmill		- Down, Forward, [FK], Tag

 Tag Combos

 Lick My Boots		- [FP], [FP], Tag
 Special Forced		- [BP], [FP], Tag
 Tough Love		- Forward + [BP], Back + [BP], Tag
 Honorable Discharge	- [FK], [FP], Tag


 Advance Force		- [FP], [FP], [BP]
 Fierce Assault		- [FP], [FP], [FK]
 Drop Zone		- [BP], [FP], Back + [FK]
 Ground Control		- [BP], [FP], Back + [BK]
 Power Rush		- Forward + [BP], Back + [BP], [BK]
 Mess Hall		- Back + [BP], [FP], Forward + [BP]
 Play Time		- [FK], [FP], [BP]
 Beat Up			- [FK], [FP], [BK]
 Pull Out		- [BK], [BK]

 Special Moves

 Enery Ring Blast	- Back, Forward, [BP]
 Leg Grab		- Back, Forward, [BK]
 Kiss			- Down, Back, [FP]
 Arc Kick		- Down, Back, [BK]
 Kartwheel		- Down, Forward, [FK]
 Air Drop		- Down + [BK]
	(While in air)
 Air Throw		- Throw

 Enhanced Attacks
 (Requires one bar of Super)

 Rings of Justice	- Back, Forward, [BP] + Block
 Krazy Legs		- Back, Forward, [BK] + Block
 Deadly Kiss		- Down, Back, [FP] + Block
 Arc Wave		- Down, Back, [BK] + Block
 Kartwheel Bash		- Down, Forward, [FK] + Block
 Air Strikes		- Down + [BK] + Block

 X-Ray Move
 (Requires full Super bar)

 SF Beat Up		- Flip Stance + Block
   (Sonya performs a series of punches and kicks and snaps her opponent's
    neck with her legs.  She then lauches her bicycle kick and ends with
    a huracanrana.)

 Finishing Moves

 Scissor Split		- Down, Down, Back, Forward, [FP]
   (Sonya performs her leg grab and splits her opponent in two.)
 Kut-Throat		- Down, Back, Forward, Back, [BK]
   (Sonya produces a wire and holds it against her oppoent's
    throat.  she flips over the body and decapitates them.)
 Stage Fatality		- Back, Forward, Down, [BP]
 Babality 		- Down, Down, Forward, [FK]
   (Baby Sonya attempts her bicycle kick and falls.)