Mortal Kombat Game Guide

"Where there is smoke, there is fire!"

Originating from Prague, Tomas Vrbada was recruited by the Lin Kuei for 
his impressive ability to escape capture. Able to transform into a wisp 
of smoke, his talent has proved useful on countless missions. Smoke has 
no memory of his childhood. His only family is the Lin Kuei, more 
specifically the younger Sub-Zero, who is like a brother to him. It has 
been Smoke's hope that through the Lin Kuei he will discover his past--
and the origin of his power.

 Jaw Chop		- Back + [FP]
 Hook Kick		- Back + [FK]
 Spin Kicks		- Forward + [BK]
 Uppercut		- Down + [BP]
 Sweep			- Back + [BK]

 Fast Tag

 Ashes to Ashes		- [FK], Down + [FP], [BP], Tag
 Dust to Dust		- [FK], [BP], Tag

 Tag Combos

 Incinerate		- [FP], [FP], Tag
 Immolation		- [BP], [FP], Tag
 Ignite			- [FK], Down + [FP], Tag


 Ablaze			- [FP], [FP], [BP]
 Smoldering		- [FP], [FK]
 Red-Hot		- Back + [FP], [BK]
 Rekindle		- [BP], [FP], [BK]
 Combustion		- [FK], Down + [FP], [BP]

 Special Moves

 Shake			- Back, Forward, [FP]
 Smoke Cloud		- Down, Back, [BP]
 Air Throw		- Throw
	(While in air)
 Teleport		- Down, Back, [BK]
	(Can be done in air)
 Invisibility		- Down, Up, [FK]
 Smoke Away		- Forward, Back, [FK]
 Smoke Towards		- Back, Forward, [FK]

 Enhanced Attacks
 (Requires one bar of Super)

 Vibration		- Back, Forward, [FP] + Block
 Smoke Bomb		- Down, Back, [BP] + Block
 Smokeport		- Down, Back, [BK] + Block
	(Can be done in air)
 Vanish			- Down, Up, [FK] + Block
 Phase Away		- Forward, Back, [FK] + Block
 Phase Towards		- Back, Forward, [FK] + Block

 X-Ray Move
 (Requires full Super bar)

 Burn Out		- Flip Stance + Block

 Finishing Moves

 Smoked Out		- Back, Forward, Back, Forward, [FP]
   (Smoke stabs his opponent in the head with two fingers.  The opponent
     Is filled with smoke and their body dissipates. Stand in sweep distance.)
 Tremor			- Back, Back, Down, Forward, [BP]
   (Smoke runs through his oppoent in a cloud of smoke.  The opponent screams
    as their body falls to pieces.  Stand in sweep distance.)
 Stage Fatality		- Forward, Up, Up, [FP]
 Babality 		- Down, Back, Down, Forward, Down
   (Baby Smoke breaks wind with a squeak.)